TGIF Local Lunch Post – Calories, Cholesterol, Carbs? Name Your Guilty Pleasure!

Straight to your heart! The Kentucky Hot Brown at its birthplace, The Brown Hotel. Photo: City-Data

We all stray from the lean, green path with astonishing regularity.  A lost weekend of culinary risk-taking as you stray from the obedient weekday routine are often worth the dining experience. Not that these cravings are bad for you,  they’re just slightly out-of-bounds.

Whatever dish weighs you down enough to derail your healthy wagon is what most would consider a guilty pleasure.  Go forth and enjoy, there will be a salad waiting on Monday. Waistline, gall bladder, breath – all is forgiven with guilty pleasures – no one will know, no one will tell…until today.

For me, it seems that if a menu item starts with a geographic location, all the better,  so my appetite and I can travel!

A few of my favorite guilty pleasures are Chicago Style Dogs, (Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago), New York style pizza, (Papalino’s) .Philly Cheesesteak (Danny Mac’s) and the Kentucky Hot Brown (English Grill at  Brown Hotel).

When my dinner-view column “Gut Reaction” was running in LEO in the mid-90s, one of my dining guests was actress and author Dixie Carter. The star from the ensemble cast of “Designing Women” was touring in support of her book, Trying to Get to Heaven: Opinions of a Tennessee Talker. Since she was staying at the historic Brown Hotel, I thought I’d get all of my Kentucky hospitality addressed in one fell swoop and suggested she order a Hot Brown.  She seemed delighted. Of course she was a wonderful guest and she had to be seeing as how her book dealt with Southern grace and womanly manners.

The nation’s most famous leftover arrived at our linen-topped table, a stack of meat, gravy and cheese almost pulsated with cholesterol-seeking power. I recall her trim frame almost shuddering at the sight.  Her eyes gained weight just taking it all in. I think she tasted in and raved before pushing the plate toward me.

It would have been more guilt than the could handle. I had no problem taking the roast bread and beast home in a go-box.  Ms. Carter did, in fact, get to heaven. She passed in April 2010 and left an impressive mark in television, stage, film and literary circles.

Back to the present! We have our own celebrities here in town. This week’s  special guest is Robin Garr of Louisville Hot Bytes . What he brings to the table in Louisville is quite special.  When Robin writes, you can taste the story.

For TGIF Local Lunch Post, it seems his choices involve more pleasure than guilt but that’s just me.  Dish on, sir!

“My favorite guilty lunch pleasure is the one I had most recently! Right now that would be the Ultimate Veggie Sandwich at BBC, which I had yesterday.

Two crisp fried green tomatoes layered with portobellos, roasted red peppers and sliced Gouda on a toasted brioche bun. Great combination of flavors and textures.

The Banh Mi at Heart & Soy is also a big favorite, and a pizza at Coals will always turn my head

What say ye, Facebook friends?

Maria Hostetler Giacalone  – Chicken Chilli Fry from Sitar. Mmmm mmmm.

Paul Curry –  Falafel plate at Pita Delight? Green Chili Wontons at Bristol...

Sara Havens –  Hmm … definitely Dundee Dip from Dundee Tavern. I could bathe in that stuff!

Lois  Esrey –  Papalino’s Pizza with garlic spinach and heirloom tomatoes!

Rhonda Russ  – A slice of coconut cake from Valu Market. And it’s a buck fifty!

Talley Cockerel – Jack Fry’s tomato & artichoke soup- Sounds healthy- it isn’t- YUM!!!

Michael Young  -Scotch eggs, Irish Rover.

Janis Fowler Pruitt  – We have Scotch eggs on our breakfast menu where I work. I love them! When I lived in Louisville I enjoyed the Chicken Alfredo at Come Back Inn.

Glenna Smith Corley – Wick’s Stromboli sandwich with its crisply toasted bread and savory Italian sausage. Yum!

Pip Pullen-Swope – I’ll go for a cheeseburger at Jack Fry’s then go to ValuMarket and buy a bag of cheap chocolate-covered peanuts, and eat the whole thing.Maybe drink a milkshake too.

Leta Watson  – How about a local Hot Brown? it just doesn’t get anymore local or fattening. Boy! when they are done right, are they gooooood

Thanks for sampling our favorite suggestions. And thanks for Keeping Louisville Weird and Well-Fed!