TGIF Local Lunch Post – Councilman Robin Engel Dishes on District 22

Catch some artisan sushi at Sake Blue Japanese Bistro in Fern Creek.

We’re headed southeast for lunch today with Metro Councilman Robin Engel as our guest. He’ll guide us to a few favorites in District 22, which is one nice stop off Bardstown Road before leaving the county.

Engel was born in Neenah, Wisconsin and has made his home in Louisville as well as an impression upon local government. He ran unopposed for a third consecutive term in office, and with the 2010  census results showing District 22 was the fastest growing area behind District 19 in Middletown, we can see why.

All Metro Council members include a biography on their MetroGov page. The background and track record for Robin Engel makes for good reading if you have a moment to visit.

Engel is married to Dena Akers, a teacher. They have four children ages 10 to 20 yrs. old, and are active members of St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church in Fern Creek.

Thanks to legislative assistant Monica Hodge for helping organize his TGIF list. This is one tight ship that sails through Fern Creek! Take it away Councilman Engel:

“District 22 serves the Fern Creek area, along with portions of Highview, Jeffersontown and Buechel areas in South East Jefferson County and the City of Heritage Creek. We are many neighborhoods within one community. We have an obligation to work hard to bring good growth and create positive quality of life for our residents. As the Louisville Metro Council representative, I’m proud to serve the rural-like setting that District 22 offers. With an estimated population of approximately 39,000 and an area radius of 19.586 square miles, we’re a community on the move and the second fastest growing district in Jefferson County.  We have a vibrant economic development through growing businesses and organizations, outstanding schools, churches, parks and community area outreach ministries.”

A few local independent dining favorites in 22 are:

Sake Blue Japanese Bistro

9326 Cedar Center Way

Fern Creek, KY  40291

Phone: 708-1500

Favorite meal – shrimp & scallops with fried rice on the hibachi grill


Bootleg Bar-B-Q

9704 Bardstown Road

Fern Creeek, KY 40291

Phone: 239-2722.

Favorite meal: pulled pork Bar-B-Q, with seasoned vegetables, mashed potatoes with gravy and baked beans.


Hungry Pelican Seafood Restaurant

5412 Bardstown Road

Fern Creek, KY  40291

Phone: 239-7145

Favorite meal – Stuffed white fish, stewed zucchini and onion rings

Step up to the plate with your Metro Council representative. Many of these men and women have a regularly scheduled meet and greets, coffee circles or neighborhood brainstorming and activities. Break some bread, make some plans. Thanks for supporting local merchants, chefs, farmers, groceries!

Have a great weekend!