TGIF Local Lunch Post – District 10’s Charm, Tradition and Best Baloney!

Wrap that up to go! A slice of America, right on the corner in Schnitzelberg. - Photo from Deadrichmond's Flickr Photostream

Do we really need to spell out “bologna” between sandwich lovin’ folks?

Does  your baloney have  a first name?

Good!  I just love it when the weather, the occasion or the nostalgic appetite line up for a delicious baloney sandwich. Whether it’s a thick slice with mustard on white, wrapped in wax paper or a Dagwood stacker with layers of deli-thin slices rolled under  produce, seasoning and condiments, everyone has their own classic baloney sandwich.

Today is the first week of Metro Council guests to the TGIF Local Lunch Post so raise a toast (wheat, white or rye?), to Metro Council President Jim King of District 10.

There’s a lot of good cookin’ going on in this neck of the woods, old and new school alike. Councilman King had down-to-earth dining on his mind when I asked for a few lunchtime suggestions.  The list is Check’s Cafe, Flabby’s, John E’s and Hauck’s.

“Hauck’s has the best old-fashioned baloney sandwich in town!” boasts the councilman, “People come from all over to visit this place.”

Not to mention the corner store sponsors the annual Dainty Contest. Whether you are one of the several generations of customers who may know the establishment as Hauck’s Handy Store, Hauck’s Liquors or Hauck’s deli,  you know that the folks as well as the food are quintessential America in every way. And I’ll take that with extra mayo, please.

Check’s has the market cornered, literally,  on traditional, savory and always affordable  German and American dishes – baskets of fried chicken, fish sandwiches and white bean soup being the heavy hitters. Kentucky Derby history on the wall, neighborhood talk at the bar and tables. And for those of you who like to be called “Hon,” this is the place.

One of the hippest blue collar venues out there has to be Flabby’s. Oyster shooters, Falls City Beer, zesty chili and all served up no frills in what Louisville Hot Bytes scribe Robin Garr describes as a “chow hall.” Yeah! Glad to know that Flabby’s is up and running again. Home cooked goodness with an uptown twist from time to time.

Bump it up a bit for a big spread for lunch at another historical establishment, John E’s Restaurant & Lounge. A favorite of sports figures, generations of families and a regular home away from home for thoroughbred trainer Bob Baffert, John E’s has a menu fit for a King. I know the councilman would agree. Consider the Kentucky style Frog Legs, Burgoo, Red Eye Pepper Steak Sandwich, John E.’s Hot Brown, Derby Pie, sweet tea. Now, are ya’ really going back to the office?

Thanks to Councilman Jim King for sharing your lunch suggestions. Let’s all make the best effort to support our neighborhood businesses and as many Louisville owned and operated restaurants, markets, diners and food trucks as possible!