TGIF Local Lunch Post – District 9 Offers Down Home to Around the World

Ropa Vieja with black beans & maduros at Havana Rumba. Photo: One Page at a TimeP

Progressive and peaceful – a diverse neighborhood with village charmDistrict 9 has a lot to offer from commerce to culture and  in the last decade has become  a culinary destination for local residents and tourists alike.

Landmarks such as the Peterson-Dumesnil House, events such as Taste of Frankfort Ave., the networking fun of F.A.T. Friday Trolley Hop and the innovative independence of Crescent Hill Radio are just a few familiar elements of this district’s core. The hands-on Frankfort Avenue Business Association has its work and play cut out for them.

Perhaps a motto such as “Come for the history, stay for the food” could arise?

The TGIF duties go to Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh this week as she share a few recommendations for lunchtime dining.

For lunch meetings she enjoys North End Cafe.

For great Cuban food visit Havana Rumba. This restaurant was recently added to the 9th District during the re-districting process.

The Councilwoman’s all-time favorite is Thai Taste.

Given the wide-ranging selection of dining establishments that have exploded onto the map of her district, especially the Frankfort Avenue corridor, were there certain motions that made it possible for business and culture to thrive?

“It’s a testament to the diversity of population, the friendly walkable neighborhoods and that entrepreneurs see potential success in establishing and growing their business in the 9th District,” she said. “I am amazed and grateful for this abundance of quality local culinary talent.”

What was the “perfect storm?”

“It’s no accident that these phenomenal locally-owned restaurants popped up and are thriving on Frankfort Avenue” she said, “For more than 20 years, government has been a public partner with some of the most savvy local entrepreneurs in our entire city. I’m hoping the fact that there are numerous and diverse and ever-growing business in the 9th District because they find a welcoming partner in their government and neighborhoods where they locate. We are grateful for every single one of them.”

Thanks to friends of TGIF Local Lunch Post who responded via Facebook to the request for their favorite dining establishments in District 9:

Blue Dog

Bluegrass Burgers

Busman’s Bakery

Cafe Classico

DiFabio’s Casapela

Crave Cafe


Clifton’s Pizza

Fat Jimmy’s

Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot

Grape Leaf
Irish Rover
Nancy’s Bagels
Silver Dollar
…and more to add to this list?

Thanks for visiting this blog and for supporting our local economy. Success should always be on menu. If not, lend a hand. Enjoy our locally-owned establishments and spread the good word on our area growers and farms!