TGIF Local Lunch Post – Eggs! Meal in a Shell

The devil made them do it. The incredible, edible egg at its best at The Village Anchor (Photo: MegO's Food & Wine)

The best-laid plans for lunch, compliments to the hard-working hen. My first thought is kudos to the numerous Metro restaurants who are using the best of Kentucky’s pasture-based farm eggs. More healthy cluck for your local buck!

A good place to start on your egg-u-cation is Stone Run Farms, only one of many options for eggs, produce, poultry and antibiotic/hormone-free meat.

Continue your shopping list by visiting this EatWild as well as locations for all Louisville Metro Farmer’s Markets  for more info on how to fill your plate in good conscience and great taste.

There are eggs waiting to please the palette for lunch today. Be bold and start out with an Irish tradition, Scotch Eggs at Irish Rover and Molly Malone’s locations. Belly up to the bar and order a plate of hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage. Slainte!

Got mayo? Downtown today? Head for T.C.’s Sandwich Shoppe for  a made-for-you Egg Salad Sandwich. Don’t forget a crisp pickle and a howdy to your neighbor!

Right next door at Dish on Market is an old-school favorite with a fresh twist, Cobb Salad–a meal unto itself. A farm in a bowl, if you will with sliced boiled eggs as the protein star. And, yes, there was a Mr. Cobb.

Headed east?  Order the popular Three-Way Deviled Eggs at The Village Anchor: Pub  & Roost. It’s not your grandma’s deviled egg but if you take her to lunch, she will clean the platter.

When the restaurant phone number is 583-EGGS you can bet there’s going to be some fine farm delights on the menu. Lynn’s Paradise Cafe where all omelets, scrambles and breakfast sandwiches are served anytime. The ultimate local yolk item would go to Kenny’s Kentucky Scramble – Country White Cheddar, bacon and diced tomatoes using the  pride of Austin, Kentucky’s cheese.

If ANYONE can share with us where to find an authentic EGG CREAM at a fountain, I would be thrilled.

Thanks again for feeding the local economy! Have a great weekend and be in remembrance of our men and women in uniform on this Veteran’s Day. Thanks, Dad!