TGIF Local Lunch Post – Feed Your Dreams for the Holidays!

Here's to a great lunch on the go for a busy Louisville!

I hope you’ve all stocked up on your favorite foods to share over the holidays. Today will mean travel or shopping for many – just remember to keep your water bottle near and fuel yourself with some green goodness right alongside savory and sweet treats of the season.

Perhaps there are a few office gatherings to go or you may have some Christmas cookies for your lunch pail. A big cheeseburger might offset some of the traditional meals that await. Is there someone in your building that channels Paula Deen? Casserole dishes need to be emptied and taken home.

Enjoy a day of noshing, exchanging gifts, recipes and memories.

The incentive for posting this weekly suggestion for lunch has been a dual task enjoying a table of bounty and keeping the money in the county. Our local growers, bakers, chefs, grocers and restauranteurs have spread a delicious table before us, to be enjoyed in a mid-day celebration of good company and nourishment of the body and soul.

As always, a great stocking stuffer is a Louisville Originals rewards card. Dine with local, independent dignity!

As Wendell Berry states, “Eating is an agricultural act.” That is certainly food for thought as we go forward with our forks and earnings to pay it forward to our independent Metro businesses. Let’s keep the doors open and the kitchens hot for 2012! Good service is the goal of the consumer.

Feed your dreams and have safe, memorable holiday!