TGIF Local Lunch Post – Feedback is Delicious! Vote for Vittles!


For almost two years, I’ve enjoyed throwing together some food for thought as it pertains to grabbing lunch on Friday.  Ideally, readers will take and share suggestions for the midday meal and continue to support local independent restaurants, groceries, growers, and events throughout the week.

This column grew from a Facebook post in early 2011, starting as a friendly suggestion for lunch before heading into the weekend.

A year later it moved to Rick Redding’s, giving  TGIF Local Lunch Post a new home and  a nice boost, hopefully attracting  new readers very week. For past columns, check out this link.

Simply put,  the goal is to generate  information and interaction for Louisville area foodies!  Special features include Metro Council representatives promoting their district favorites,  notes from our thriving culinary community,  familiar faces, farmers, and most anyone who enjoys the bounty of a table and can put a few thoughts together.

Including journalists and bloggers who cover dining and agriculture is  key to the networking aspects of this space. I hope they can keep me in their loop and allow me to link them to the TGIF readership on a regular basis. Like a successful dinner party, people connecting with one another makes the meal.

Feedback from dining to recipes, farmer’s markets to grocery deals, food trucks to events – whatever it takes to feed the local economy,  is most welcome.

As we all move toward election day on Nov. 6, I thought this would be a great opportunity to have TGIF Local Lunch Post readers to vote on what they enjoy reading the most.  Like a salad bar, if you will, feel free to build your own blog.

The criteria are that the business is always locally owned and operated and has a connection to Louisville and surrounding communities. Occasionally a field trip is in order so ventures to southern Indiana or roads through the Commonwealth will be part of a few Friday posts.

Content will always be fresh, just like food, as well as changing and growing. What areas interest you the most? Any additional comments or ideas will be added to the mix for the next year.



Kitchen Tips


Grocery stores

Farmer’s Markets

Agriculture Activism



Quotes and Trivia

Family Friendly


I hope  you invite your friends and associates to this space. There is a TGIF Local Lunch Post community page on Facebook to visit as well. Of course, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t splash it on my own Facebook page as well as Mayor Fischer’s?

Thanks for reading and thanks for feeding the local economy! I look forward to hearing from you.


Cindy Lamb