TGIF Local Lunch Post – Get in the Soup Line!

Vegetarian Noodle Soup? Yes, ma'am! At Nam Nam! (Photo: Trip Advisor)


Unlike the tattered black and white images of the Depression Era’s soup lines, this kind of crowd generates good news and a healthy local economy.

Louisville knows how to stir it up when it comes to creating a meal with a simple, savory soup. Thaw your bod and warm your soul with a visit to your favorite establishment or heat up the lunch pail with broth, cream, chili, bisque, meat or veggie soups available. Whether you make it part of a combo with sandwiches, quiche, cheese or salad or just you and your spoon, it’s a wholesome and enjoyable meal. And more often than not, the price is right!

With the thermometer almost pegged at 26 degrees today, it’s the kind of winter weather that makes you want to avoid the spoon and just dip your hands down into a steaming cup of Chicken Noodle. – Don’t do that. Do this.

A a few suggestions for a cup, bowl or thermos of hot, delicious soup in the Metro:

Joe Davola’s

Meridian Cafe

TC’s Sandwich Shoppe

The Chop Shop

The Cafe

The Bodega @ Felice

NamNam Cafe


Valu Markets

Stay warm and cozy out there! Thanks for supporting all the farmers and chefs who bring us these bowls of bounty for the county!