TGIF Local Lunch Post – It’s Starting to Taste a Lot Like Christmas!

It’s a good time to place orders or pick up those boxes of holiday sweets, so why not create a productive path through Louisville’s chocolate map?   Today is all about combining those sweet spots with great places to dine.  Enjoy a delicious lunch then shop for the sugar, all in the same block. Here are a few suggestions.

Do stop by their websites or Facebook pages for details on menus, ordering and photos. I can’t promise that a little bell will tinkle when you visit on the internet but  maybe they’ll have one at their establishment.

For as much “new” in NULU there is the proud history of Muth’s Candy Store. The local tradition of Modjeskas bring memories of Louisville to those far away. Hop into Bodega at Felice for a Grilled Eggplant Panini or Muffuletta

Near the Butchertown neighborhood is where you’ll find refreshing Peppermint Truffles at  Cellar Door Chocolates.

Then grab a table at The Blind Pig for a House Made Italian Sausage sandwich with Provolone Cheese and Grilled Peppers.

Up the hill to Clifton and the baked goods and chocolates of Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe for a Gingerbread House Kit. They also come with Vegan construction materials! Kosher Dairy and gluten-free delights are always available.

Enter El Mundo for some festive seasonal green with extra Guacamole on that Fajita of the Day.Feliz Navidad!

In Crescent Hill, enjoy a holiday free from allergies! Annie May’s Sweet Cafe offers gourmet relief to patrons with alternative diets and health issues. A sack of sugar cookies for the ride back to the office will make someone’s day.

A bowl of healthy goodness at Zen Garden – the destination of wise vegetarian diners – will satisfy the heart and yer noodle.

We’re in the Highlands! Stroll into Coco’s Chocolate Cafe for a cup of drinking chocolate. You will leave warmer and probably floating just above the floor.

Swing by Louisville classic, Uptown Cafe for a Grilled Salmon on Marble Rye and watch Bardstown Road flow by just outside the window.

The Dundee Candy Shop has been keeping the Douglass Loop smiling since 1946. Ship or take home classic Bourbon Balls and browse the shelves for individually wrapped treats for all to enjoy.

Around the corner for some Dundee Smoked Ribs and a menu stocked with hearty pub grub at the Dundee Tavern.

Guarantee the sweet success of local, independent business this holiday season.