TGIF Local Lunch Post – Keeping Louisville Weird…and Cool In the Heat

A cool breeze seems to come from this slice of lemon meringue pie. Duck into any of the nine Metro Louisville locations of Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchens and enjoy! Photo: TripAdvisor

No matter how high the temps, Louisville remains cool and the revenge can be sweet. Thanks to our hard-working indie merchants for creating such a wide array of drinks and desserts!

Here are some fresh ideas to-go or for dining in: , Graeter’s, Sweet Surrender, Comfy Cow,  Dairy Dell, Java Brewing Co., Dairy Kastle,  Heine Bros., Lula’s Frozen Yogurt and Treats.

Find out how  to catch a Grasshopper Pie and more cool concoctions in your neighborhood at Homemade Ice Cream & PIe Kitchen.

Stay as cool as you are for supporting local, independent business!

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