TGIF Local Lunch Post – Last Call for Orange Cows and Fat Elvis!

Get loaded! Opt for an Orange Cow and polish this off with a Brown Derby! Photo:

Do you need just one more soft swirl before the season closes? Buy a round of Orange Cows for the office? Trade in that salad for a chili dog or see Fat Elvis one more time before March 2013.

A most beloved stop in the Germantown/U of L area for chili dogs, shakes, and cones is one of the few drive-in dining and dessert establishments to remain open through October.

Part  of the revamp for the Eastern Parkway landmark of Dairy Kastle is extending the season to October 28.  Over the years, nothing made me wince like driving past that marquee stating – “See you in March!” – when I’ve not made the effort to get by for one last dog and cone. Now I have the chance and plan to go for it.

With all the political talk about “taking America back,” I couldn’t agree more when it comes to a visit to these, as my grandparents used to call them ” dairy dee’s” for a quick comfort food meal or  cold dessert. Once you’re standing at the window of Dairy Kastle and eyes fixed on the menu, nostalgia creates a space of its own. Why, you might not even notice there’s a 2012 Land Rover parked right behind you.

The fast-moving lines, fragrance of fresh milk and sizzling burgers are a big part of summertime culture for a few generations. No one nailed it quite like John Mellencamp did in “Jack and Diane” – as he recalled “Suckin’ down chili dogs, behind the Tastee Freeze.” Cheap date but according to the song, it paid off. Life goes on.

Don’t wait for your chili to cool or let your ice-cream melt! Grab  one of the concrete picnic tables or just commence to dining in your car with the radio on and savor some slow time for lunch. Make a date with the King by ordering the immensely popular, if you will, Fat Elvis shake starring bananas and peanut butter. Thank you, thank you so much.

If you have your dog along for a stroll, get your pet a milk bone sundae! You’ll both woof down the yummy food.

One of the best ways to catch up with the history of Dairy Kastle is to read Ken Neuhauser’s story in the Courier-Journal from July 2011. Since then, new ownership is in the respectful hands of Katherine Smith and Damian Vitale. I enjoyed spending time with them at the LEO Reader’s Choice Awards this summer and they were proud as any local business owners could be.

Check out the excellent feature story by Melissa Chipman, “Royal Treats” in the June edition of The Paper for the current buzz.

Thanks for supporting local independent business and kudos to the loyal fans of Dairy Kastle for getting behind Kathleen and Damian in their dedication to carry on the Dairy Kastle tradition!