TGIF Local Lunch Post – Madonna Flood Knows It’s OK in Okolona to Support Local Indie Dining

Listen to your Mama! Head to the Preston Highway location at Outer Loop for some restaurant history and enjoy  a true family tradition. The Mama Bearno’s photo found on

Head ten miles south of downtown Louisville to the Preston, Outer Loop convergence that is known as Okolona. You’ll find community spirit in the generations of residents as well as a few favorite dining establishments of District 24’s Metro Councilwoman Madonna Flood.

A bit of history on the southern loop of the city was located on Wikipedia. i always wondered where the name of the city came from.

It was first settled by farmers from Pennsylvania and Virginia in the late 18th century. It was called Lone Oak in the late 19th century. However, a town near Paducah, Kentucky already claimed that name for its post office, so the town rearranged the words into Okolona. Farming, as well as logging and charcoal production were important industries around this time.

Okolona also has a very active Facebook page. Check it out.

For some midday meal suggestions, Councilwoman Flood has provided several local and independent restaurants who serve up a heapin’ helping of food from pizza to pintos,  cornbread pones to catfish on rye . District 24 has your appetite and family  traditions covered and sometimes, that means with extra gravy.

Peyton’s Place at 4413 Saint Rita has home-cooking specials every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If  your culinary memories are calling for meatloaf, pinto beans, country fried steak, corn fritters, and mashed potatoes, then save extra space in your lunch schedule and in your tummy for this local mainstay.

The Highland  Park Lodge Fish Fry at 4100 Pinecroft Drive is famous for its catfish dinners with all the trimmings. Until the Lenten season, the fish fry is on Saturdays only from 11 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. When you are observing Lent and have a near-spiritual craving for tartar sauce, be sure to bring your hungry self to the Highland Park Lodge in the spring.

It was the second Bearno’s  built in Jefferson County and the Okolona location at 8019 Preston Highway has been a neighborhood favorite since 1980. “We remember families coming in with their babies, ” said Debbie Kountz, who has been a manager there for 20 years, “and now those babies are coming in as young adults. It’s great to be able to see that.”

The most popular pie is Mama Bearno’s hands down. Salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts round out a sumptuous menu.

The actual business is also a family tradition. Owned by the Beam family for 31 years, the store employs both parents as well as siblings. The family has grown up with Bearno’s and Bearno’s  has grown up with them. A newly-remodled dining room has been the only big change in decades. The pizza remains the same – the best!

Thanks for feeding the local economy in the Okolona, Highview, and Outer Loop area! Hats off to they dynamic Councilman Flood and her legislative assistant Andrea Crider Derouen.