TGIF Local Lunch Post – Mayor Fischer Steps Up to the Plate for Oaks Friday

Hola, from Nulu! Taco Punk is off the truck and in the house.

Greetings to all who are visiting Louisville this week  and  kudos to the locals who have been able to keep up with all the traditional Derby chaos that closes April and opens May each year.

The  138th  Kentucky Oaks will have a field of fillies running for the lilies as well as a tip of the pink hat to survivors of breast cancer. This venerable event was first won by a three-year-old Thoroughbred named Vinaigrette on May 19, 1875.  An appropriate historical fact that lends itself to food, don’t you think?

If you’re not dining at the Downs for  your midday meal, you might want to visit Louisville Originals restaurant guide for a winning list of local, independent establishments to experience the best of Kentucky chefs, area farms meats, products and produce and a healthy nod to the economy of the Commonwealth.

Today’s special guest is Mayor Greg Fischer. As the 50th mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, he may just be one of the healthiest. With the success of Mayor’s Healthy Hometown, the specific mission for food is “to create a community-wide culture where healthy eating and active living are the norm,” and has been embraced by families, schools and business.
It’s been over a year since Fischer was elected to serve and as most politicians, it’s probably taken that long to get the unavoidable campaign grub out of his system. He’s on the fast track to healthy food and healthy commerce and today he offers some suggestions for your  Oaks lunch by selecting a few establishments that are vastly different from each other. Their locally owned and operating status is what they all have in common.

From East Market to the south end, today’s recommendations  cover Mexican with a twist, French with flair and Kentucky classic soul food.

“Louisville has an amazing collection of locally owned restaurants with a diverse selection of all kinds of food, Fischer said, “so rather than pull out any favorites, which would be near impossible to do, I’ll tell you about the three restaurants I most recently visited. Franco’s, which has great home-cooking that epitomizes ‘comfort food.”

One of the best reviews for this comfort food cafeteria came from Kevin Gibson’s “The Taste Bud”  column for LEO. Savor this and head to the Dixie for lunch. Then after Derby, head to the gym.

Ghyslain, known for its artistry in dessert, Fischer continued,” and Taco Punk, one of the latest  unique additions to the East Market dining community.”

The story of  Ghyslain Maurais and his wife Susan is literally a sweet journey…and the road is paved in chocolate. When driving us wild with his gourmet tacos in the Taco Punk food truck, Gabe Sowder can be found on East Market minding the flames and spices in their new location.

More from our mayor:

“The international spotlight is upon Louisville this time of year with the Kentucky Oaks and Derby… not only does Churchill Downs shine bright, but the entire community is awash in well-manicured yards and gardens, flowers blooming everywhere.

We are host to national and international guests, who have to eat, and the great thing is, we have plenty of places where they will WANT to eat. Tasty food is always the icing on the cake.

Louisville is more and more becoming known as a foodie town and for good reason… top notch restaurants at every price point and as casual or as formal as you want. Get out and try them, it will take you til next Derby to get to each of them once.”

Alright, we’ve got our marching orders. A most tasteful challenge to sample as many of our original and locally owned dining establishments as we can before the 139th Run for the Roses.