TGIF Local Lunch Post – Meals of Note! Musicians Step Up to the Plate.

Take the power of lunch in your own hands - a slice of Papalino's 'za to go! - Photo:


Louisville is blessed beyond compare with its local, independent music community. Genres from Bluegrass to Reggae,  Rock to Folk, Blues to Jazz. And then a few categories that either blend or defy categories, which is always fun – especially for the publicist.

Given the hours of some night-clubbing and concert regulars, lunch is often considered the breakfast of  champions for nocturnal stars. Whether you busk on the corner or have a recording contract, the appetite for a good meal is always going inspire creativity.

Supporting local, independent talent – whether it’s at a pub gig, a CD, public radio, a festival or a fundraiser – is key in keeping the weirdness and the wealth right here in the Metro! The following artists are just a sampler of our singer-songwriter and performing community and they were kind enough to respond to my call for lunchtime suggestions.

The door is still open! Feel free to add your own midday meal favorites and if you’re a musician, send in your gig info along with dining suggestions. If you can’t even play a kazoo but want to list  your favorite local, independent dining establishment, post away – but  leave  your favorite Louisville music choice while you’re at it.


Danny Flanigan – I live for the Bristol won-tons, spinach salad, and Harry’s dressing. Yep.

Butch Rice – The North End Cafe veggie omelet!

Bob Bush – I’d like to add Eiderdown to the list; local food, done well!

Patrick Hallahan – The pork chop at Jack Fry’s always sends me to a beautiful place.

Leigh Ann Yost – TACO PUNK!!! They have a taco sampler that’s amazing – and the guac is outstanding!! and hmmmmm, I also just ate at Le Coop (formerly 732 social) – there’s a salad there I can’t pronounce with a poached egg on it that is TO DIE FOR. Not kidding. It is pretty swanky, BUT there were all types there the day I ate.

Matt Burke – Seems like I’m always having to have a quick lunch, and I’m always ducking into Papalino’s on Baxter. You just can’t beat grabbing an NYC White pizza, having 2 or 3 pieces and a salad for lunch…. and taking the rest of the pie to the studio and then home with you.

Tom Cunningham – Bombay Grill, on N. Hurstbourne. Got a great lunch buffet, with authentic Indian flavors, and friendly service. I love the Sag Paneer, with fresh Naan.

Mat Burke – Wait… the NYC White is at the Papalino’s on Cardinal. Well, I just called the one on Baxter, and now they have it, too! I believe you’ve just helped me pick lunch today!

Kri N HettieShiraz! it’s fresh, and fun, food thats made with LOVE. we always order, a small humus and two Fatoosh Salads. (one with salmon and one with chicken) we have “a cup of green sauce” and drink water… its like 27 bucks… Miracle on Frankfort Avenue!!!

Amos Hopkins – I’m a huge foody, and I’m always looking for good healthy food that is easy and cheap. My favorite place to go to for Friday lunch is Mulligan’s Pub and Grille on the corner of Newburg and Speed. They have a daily lunch special that is always $4.95 and consists of a hot and generously portioned sandwich (often it’s turkey or roast beef) with fresh trimmings and a side of your own choosing. They also make some amazing dishes with their smoker. They have a friendly atmosphere and their cordial staff will make you feel very at home. Their beers are ice cold and their patio will put you on a “one hour mental vacation”. Very relaxing! When I need “gig fuel” before my Friday night show, I go to Mulligan’s for lunch!

Mason Roberts – My favorite lunch spot is Butterfly Garden Cafe, and I always get their sandwich-soup-salad combo. Roast beef with extra Horseradish, tomato basil soup, and pear and Gorgonzola salad. It’s amazing.

Alex Molina –  I would say one of my favorite lunch spots at the moment is Mayan Cafe! The Vegetarian Burrito is delicious, made with seasonal vegetables and with two eggs over easy on top, and I always get the chips and guacamole! The Yucatec Salbutes are also amazing, and there’s more variety in this dish, as you can order three different types!

Luis de Leon Fernandez – Webb’s Market, a store that is in my neighborhood. ( Phoenix Hill) They will prepare a rich homemade hamburger!

John Gage gets the last word – of mouth – if  you will, on lunchtime suggestions. As a heart patient, the host of Kentucky Homefront is looking out for his health at every turn and finds there are many delicious ways to do so:

Roots–everything on the menu that I’ve had is the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth. And Coco is a really fine lady.Ramsi’s–I like the jerk seitan sandwich. . .super spicy.

Kashmir – I love the lunch time buffet. . .I like it all, but I’m especially fond of curry dishes

Pita Delights – Great menu. . .I like the lentils and rice and also the falafel sandwich plate which includes a Greek salad. And my friend, Hashim, is one of the finest guys I know.

Mulligan’s is not just ordinary “pub grub;” it’s good. I like the baked salmon. . .cooked to perfection as far as I’m concerned. And that Tim Clark is a really sweet guy who seems to care so much and try so hard to make it all good.

“This is probably a little corny, but one of the things I like most about all our eateries is getting to know the chefs/proprietors. I love Lynn’s too, and she’s a special friend. She’s made a great contribution to the culinary culture and has done so much with clever ambience in the building. Hey. . .I just love Louisville and especially the Highlands. . .it’s all about a great cultural experience: the food and drink, the music, the people can’t be beat. It’s my home base and these are all my peeps.

What can I say. . .I love Louisville and all the little amenities that keep it “weird.”

Thanks for sharing, John. Save a seat for me at Mulligan’s – especially when you and Mickey Clark are playing! Have a great weekend everyone and support our local musicians whenever you can.