TGIF Local Lunch Post – Morris’ Deli for Cold Cuts and Hot Soups

A delicious sandwich needs two hands and several napkins. Enjoy!

It’s almost been a year since I started posting lunch suggestions via Facebook. How it happened was an accident.  Our newly-elected mayor had a very active Facebook page that quickly became an open forum for praise or problems. Visitors to the page could also find  suggestions, nostalgia and local event promotion.

One Friday morning, I was feeling good about the approaching weekend and looking forward to purchasing a to-go lunch from my favorite place, Morris’ Liquor & Deli in the lower Highlands on Taylorsville at Bardstown.

During my morning online ritual, I had moved from my Facebook page over to Mayor Fischer’s and was reading the comments that had built up over the week. Thinking I was finished, I decided to post what I was having for lunch that day in hopes to share my admiration for the good people at Morris’ Deli. I added a photo of a lunchbox that found online, designed as metal Quija Board. Too cool, right? Except that I was still on the mayor’s page, not mine.

After posting my raves of the soups, sandwiches and service at the deli with my strange lunch pail, I realized that my ramblings were smack in the middle of the screen next to the smilin’ face of Greg Fischer.


I was mortified and about to grab the mouse to click it away when I realized that it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. The deli was a local institution, Louisville owned and operated and we need to support our local business whenever possible. And it celebrated Friday, for heaven’s sake.

Many Fridays have passed and I’m still yammering on about local restaurants, groceries, food trucks and festivals in hopes to send my Louisville friends into the weekend on a positive note.  I never got the Quija Board lunchbox but I will track one down soon.

The 2012 TGIF Local Lunch Post will include dining suggestions from each Metro Council member every other week. We’ll go in alphabetical order beginning with Brent Ackerman from District.26.

I’ll close with another tip of the hat to Morris’ Deli. They slice and stack those sandwiches with care  and the savory homemade sides and soups are plentiful. They’ll send you out the jingling door and past the wooden Indian chief with a paper sack full of goodness and a smile on your face.

If you’re lucky enough to find an empty chair,  enjoy that lunch with some folks you’ve never met at the big tables. Grab a Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda from the fridge and bag of Buffalo Chips from the rack. On the way out, take a jar of Henry Bain sauce home for a historic Louisville dining experience.

If you’re at the 2nd Street location, take a little extra time to get some info on the Y or simply join on the spot. Nice to have a gym and a deli under the same roof.

Thanks for supporting our local economy, one lunch at a time! Please feel free to send in your TGIF suggestions and give your neighborhood a boost! And thanks to Mayor Fischer for the space on your page.

Have a super weekend!