The Advantages of a Career in Nursing

The nursing profession has been ranked as the most honest and ethical profession in the US for sixteen years consecutively, with over 80% of Americans stating that they trusted nurses more than any other profession!

Being a nurse is not easy, and the difficulties that nurses face are well-documented – long hours, potentially hazardous working conditions, stress, and emotional burnout are common occurrences. However, the majority of nurses (over 90%!) find the job highly rewarding despite these difficulties!

Most people who choose to go into a career in nursing do so because they want to help others. This is the most important thing that you will need for a successful and enjoyable career as a nurse. If you have the desire to help others and believe that you would find it rewarding to help save lives and look after the well-being of people in your community, then nursing may well be a career worth considering!

In this article, we will explore some of the other advantages of a career in nursing.

You Can Study and Work

Studying to become a nurse will not only teach you a lot of information about your chosen area, but the job will teach skills and emotional resilience that most careers do not. These skills are then highly transferable to other potential future careers, spanning a long, fruitful career. However, the best aspect of obtaining a career in nursing is that it is more than possible for you to do so right now, even if you have another job. You can take an online course, studying for a degree in nursing at an institute such as

High Number of Opportunities

Registered nurses are very rarely out of work. As it is such a vital profession with constant high demand, employment prospects as a nurse are very high, and growing much faster than those of other professions!

Nursing jobs are not just situated in hospitals – nurses work in a huge variety of locations, from military bases to cruise ships to airplanes. Nursing as a wider profession has a number of specialties that you can choose from, such as an emergency room nurse, travel nurse, pediatric nurse, and many more. If you are not sure which specific area of nursing is best suited to you, it is worth doing some research and reading up on the different types of nursing jobs that there are out there!

Very Competitive Salary

The annual wage of a registered nurse is generally considerably higher, with the average annual salary of a nurse in the US being over $60,000 a year! However, it is no easy ride – you will earn that money through extremely hard work and long hours!

Comfortable Uniform

Nurses do not have to decide or worry about what to wear to work. The uniform of a nurse is both simple and comfortable – just a set of scrubs and comfortable shoes such as sneakers!

Flexible Schedules

Nursing jobs often come with a significant amount of flexibility in terms of schedule. Jobs are available on full-time or part-time schedules, or on an on-call basis when needed. While shifts tend to be longer than those of other jobs (often around 12 hours), this can allow for more days off in the week!


The life of a nurse is not easy, but these reasons show why the vast majority of nurses find a career in nursing to be an enjoyable and vastly rewarding career path!