The Age of Happiness

Age is just a number, right?  So, should we make a big deal when somebody starts trying to date somebody of a different age?  I have been asked on a few occasions about age differences and how much is too much.  This is a subject I used to be more opinionated about, but as I have gotten older, I have decided a relationship is about finding joy and happiness, and far be it from me to tell somebody they can’t be happy with another person.

Recently there was a story about a 94 year old billionaire marrying a much younger woman.  Obviously everybody has the immediate opinion about the gold digging woman, but is this so wrong if they are both getting what they want from the relationship?  I am not sure if they will have joy and happiness, but maybe they will.  I tend to agree with the general public opinion and figure this isn’t about the wonderful connection they have, but more of a business deal.  However, if they have both agreed to it, then maybe it is worth forgoing the time of looking for that soul mate connection for other benefits.  As long as they are not manipulating the other under false pretenses, then why should we care.

I have the pleasure of being friends with one of the most precious couples I know.  They are truly in love and there is no doubt about that to anyone that knows them, but there is over 20 years difference in their ages.  At first, I thought about the many obstacles they would encounter and how difficult life might be in another 20 years.  None of us know where we will be in 20 years.  When we first married at a young age to somebody in our own age range, we thought we would be happy forever, and yet so many of us are single again and looking for that special someone.  So I began to reconsider my view, and thought, if they make each other happy, then they should seize the moment and the chance to add joy and happiness to their lives.  Yes, there will be struggles, but I don’t know of a relationship yet that doesn’t have them.  Have a true love and connection help you through those struggles however.

I also had somebody ask me why it seems men are often drawn to younger women.  It certainly makes it a bit more difficult for women above 40 to find men that want to date them, and the older women get, the more competition there is for them.   So what is it about the younger women that the might find so attractive. There is obviously the physical appearance that jumps out immediately.  Maybe some men feel they are an easier catch for when they don’t want to get too serious, or maybe it is the fact that the younger women aren’t jaded and can appreciate the men for who they are.  Many of the middle aged women have become very opinionated and analyze the actions of men very quickly.  Some men may feel intimidated by this and decide that trying in that arena is too difficult.  However, many men are missing out on some very intriguing women by not getting to know these ladies.  Sometimes you have to push past the walls to find the true treasures.  There is depth, intelligence, and experience that can rarely be found in somebody young.  Older ladies need to learn from our younger counterparts how to be open and approachable.  Allow men to get through their initial nervousness before you truly judge who they are.

These are just my thoughts and opinions, so feel free to disagree.  I want every single person out there to find the person they are truly happy with.  There is no magic formula for finding the person with whom you will truly click, but when you do find them, don’t let something as silly as a number get in the way.  Take things slow, but if you truly find love, don’t let go.