If You Can’t Beat the Bridge, Make a Joke

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I keep hearing that we can’t get the bridges built because we don’t have the money.  It’s amazing that we can spend millions of bucks on surveys and studies, but can’t find dollars to actually BUILD a bridge.  I’m reminded of that old children’s song – “Sherman Bridges Falling Down”.  St. Louis has 23 lanes of traffic coming across the bridges into their city.  We have (had) seven.  I know I own a comedy club, but when the city itself is getting more laughs than my comedians, something is SERIOUSLY WRONG.

If everyone pitched in, it shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ve got some 2 x 12 boards in the garage that I’d be happy to donate, along with some nails & screws.  I can probably find some paint too, if they’ll give me until this weekend.  We could use the YUM center as a storage facility until we get enough supplies to actually start the bridge.  We can have the folks at River Fields act as security guards so nothing disappears.  They like guarding things.  It’ll give them something to do.