The return of founder J. D. Rothberg to Wild Eggs

The return of founder J. D. Rothberg to Wild Eggs

For tonight at last I am coming home.
I am coming home.

Wild Eggs founder J.D. Rothberg has returned to the breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant chain as Senior Vice President of Operations, after departing in 2019 to pursue other opportunities, among them Director of Operations for Bluegrass Restaurants Holdings.

In an information release, Rothberg characterized his return as a “homecoming” (hence the preceding musical nod) and vowed to further the ascent of Wild Eggs into a “premiere breakfast place.”

Leaving Wild Eggs nearly five years ago was humbling. Founding this concept was a labor of love, and when I left, it was a period of mourning – Wild Eggs was my baby, but it afforded me invaluable insights and reaffirmed my passion for the restaurant industry. I hope to impart to our team that what we do is very important. People spend their precious time and hard-earned money with us, so it’s our duty to exceed their expectations.

Wild Eggs, with headquarters in Louisville, has 15 current locations in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, and plans to franchise into four Southern states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama) as well as West Virginia.

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