The Secret to Living Longer

Interested in dying early and unhappy?

I recently spoke to the Pathways Class at Second Presbyterian Church about issues related to retiring, and my personal journey into retirement. Afterwards, many in the group talked to me about “how successful” their retirement was.  But some told me about friends or acquaintances of theirs whose retirement was not going well.  They said some appeared to be aging faster and others were “bitter” about their lives in retirement.

There are a number of reasons why many Americans find themselves unhappy in retirement.  Often it involves unforeseen financial issues which are very difficult to overcome.

Many people simply find they are bored or faced with a feeling of not having a purpose in life after a busy career.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of not feeling energetic enough to get up off the couch and do something.

I tell people that if they want to live an additional five years and reduce the risk of depression, they need to be more active.

A significant number of retirees just don’t realize the opportunities that are available to them.  So often, when people stop working, they spend about six months doing all those chores and projects around the house they have been putting off during their working years.  But after the fence has been mended, the house painted and all the items on the honey-do list checked off, they become bored and often withdrawn and depressed.

What’s left for them to do?  Watch TV all day?  This is not the answer to living a fruitful life.

The secret to living a successful life in retirement is to have a plan that gives you a reason for getting out of bed in the morning; to build a social structure to help you discover and enjoy your new life.

As president of Third Wind, a Louisville based retirement information and resource company, I work with people to help them discover their goals, their needs and their opportunities for a successful retirement.  When people I meet ask me what I do for a living, I tell them, “I put smiles on the faces of Baby Boomers.”


****Free Seminar: Creating A Successful Retirement ****

If you are nearing retirement, or have recently retired, and have questions about your life after work, I want to invite you to a special information session that will answer many of your questions about planning a successful retirement.  I’ll be there and I’ll have some other experts on hand to talk about what you need to know before you retire and what opportunities exist for you after you retire.  We’ll have lots of information about financial planning and preparing a budget.  We’ll show you the importance of being physically fit and why staying active will add years to your life.  And we’ll talk about opportunities for work and the benefits of volunteering.

This is not a meeting about how to invest your money, but rather how to invest your time and energy to create a successful retirement.  In fact, that’s what I’m calling this seminar: “Creating A Successful Retirement.”

And best of all, it’s FREE.

It will be held on Thursday, November 17 at the St. Matthews-Eline Library, 3940 Grandview Avenue.

It starts at 4-pm and won’t last much more than an hour.  We’re even providing some light refreshments.

Seating is limited, so I encourage you to let us know in advance if you plan to attend.  Just call me or Joan at my office- 502-895-3693.


I hope to see you there.  After all, who wants to die early and unhappy?

*** Bill Ronay is President of Third Wind, a retirement resource network that provides personalized, comprehensive information, guidance and resources to help people make a successful transition into retirement.  Third Wind uses a holistic approach to help adults facing retirement discover new opportunities and purpose as they make the transition into the third phase of life; their Third Wind.

If you have questions about planning your retirement, contact Bill at 502 895-3693 or go to for more information.