The Sypher Circus is Underway

Will Karen Sypher look good in an orange jumpsuit?

Today at 1:30, Karen Sypher is supposed to get her medicine. The circus, I’m told, has already begun down by the courthouse. And the big question is – will local TV stations cut in to local progamming to reveal the sentence?

WAVE-TV news director Kathy Hostetter says it depends on what happens. She’s certainly got a crew down there.

“We will cut in if needed, depending on what happens,” she said. “More than likely we will cut in. ”

Sorry soap opera fans. A real-life drama may be pre-empting today’s show.

More than two hours before the sentencing is scheduled, a crowd of Sypher supporters had already gathered. I’m guessing many of them are members of Sypher’s family and people hired by her latest legal team.

Word is that the judge won’t require Sypher to be taken away immediately, that she’ll get a few weeks to prepare for prison. But if I were Judge Charles Simpson, I wouldn’t risk it. She’s a flight risk, based on the desperate measures she’s already taken to avoid prison.

Hostetter admitted that the station can’t help but cover the proceedings, but that she will be glad when it’s over.  Like Rick Pitino. And the rest of us.