The Taste Bud: Why are memes trying to ruin Kevin’s life?

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Indignation never goes out of fashion, and the planet’s best fuel source for pique can be found on social media. Follow the link to read Kevin’s entire, glorious rant.

The Taste Bud: Which Must Go? Those Stupid Memes Must Go

Why are memes trying to ruin my life? I’m serious. Memes are trying to tell me what to do and what to eat, and I’m done with it.

You’ve seen these stupid things. There will be four or more types of food, and the meme insists, “You Can Only Keep One” or “One Has to Go” or “You Have to Give Up One For Life.”

Can I ask a counter-question? Who the hell is supposedly forcing me to make such a ridiculous choice, and why???

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