The toilet seat from Jim Morrison’s blue bus (1999 – 2016)

The toilet seat from Jim Morrison’s blue bus (1999 – 2016)
Veronica enjoys her 2006 Gravity Head pour as the relic looks on. Many customers considered it a good luck charm.
Cousin Don, early 90s.

We must rewind all the way to 1996, and the FOSSILS club newsletter “Walking the Dog,” to find the first mention of the blue toilet seat that came to adorn the wall of the walk-in cooler adjacent to the bar at Rich O’s Public House.

New customers regularly inquired, “What’s the toilet seat all about?”

The explanation below, written by my cousin, Dr. Donald “Uncle Don” Barry (right), was printed and affixed to the wall behind a protective sheet of acrylic.

In turn, the acrylic (as well as a hundred other tasks around the pub) owed to the skills of the late Kevin Richards, my friend and partner in beercycling. When Kevin died in 2016, I was effectively out of the pub business, awaiting my buy-out. My soon to be ex-business partners asked if they could replace the toilet seat with a photo of Kevin, given that these few square feet were his default locale as a beer drinker who preferred to drain...Read more