The Voice: A Holographic Blueprint

Of the many different Sound Healing experiences I have had, one stands out as the most “clinical” or “technical”.  This is Anne Lindstrom’s work called SOUNDINGS PLUS ©.

Anne’s work is based on the premise that your voice is a holographic blueprint of your whole body.

She uses software to measure your voice, charting the areas of strength, weakness and toxicity. This is the most “clinical” part. She then takes you through the protocol to detox and return the needed notes to your voice – improving your whole body.

SOUNDINGS PLUS has research identifying specific correlations: problems with communication and or the thyroid register in G. Procrastination or kidney problems are revealed in F.  When A, A# and B are all low, so is the immune system. Those who experienced severe abuse as a child will be low in G, A# and B.

Anne provides charts showing the physical and emotional correlations based on your voice.

Frequencies Everywhere
Going sideways for a minute here… in my Advanced BodyChemistry BodyTalk class I was taught that if your voice is missing a note/frequency, the specific nutrient with the same frequency is not able to be assimilated.

The repercussions become obvious… ie. not absorbing vitamin A? (Not the same as the note A.) Symptoms would look like a lack of that vitamin. You then find that no matter how much of that nutrient you ingest, either through food or supplements, your symptoms don’t improve.

The underlying “cause” is not the lack of said nutrient, but the inability to resonate with and absorb it. Right now you may be experiencing a big AHA! Yes, your dollars may be more effectively spent doing a form of healing that will facilitate your body’s ability to resonate with all healthy vital elements. From this place of resonance  your body can heal itself.

Anne’s protocol uses sound and color frequencies to facilitate healing. Her clients report healings from hemorrhoids, low viral load for HIV, deep restful sleep, elimination from migraines, etc.

Many of the Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) practices are recognizing and practicing safe, simple and significant protocols working with frequencies for balancing your body.

Bottom line… Sound and Color (frequencies) can be used to balance your bodymind!

For more background see my first Sound Healing article:

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Thanks for tuning in to this frequency!

Mollie Yunker
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Let the Healing Begin!

© Copyright, Mollie Yunker, 2011


Drum for Fun Evening!
Saturday February 19, 6-9pm
with Bob Laake, $10.00 /$5 for under 12

Crystal Bowl Meditation
Saturday February 19, 8pm
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Center for Integrative Health, 105 Lyndon Lane

Healing Drum Spiritual Celebration
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Shamanic Drumming Circles
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