The Voice Moves Beyond St. Matthews

The Voice-Tribune isn’t a strictly St. Matthews paper anymore, a fact that’s made ever clear by the paper’s recent move to new offices on East Main Street.   Since being purchased by Blue Equity in 2007, the paper has made plenty of changes — more color and expanded sections, new publications and the sponsorship of events, including what’s become a huge annual Best Dressed event and monthly parties at local restaurants.

The paper, which seemed to resist technology before being purchased by the Blue Equity, now has a significant web presence, including several online-only blogs.

The Voice-Tribune's Angie Fenton

Managing editor Angie Fenton, who came on board three years ago, is leading the push to have the Voice cover the entire community.  She says the modernization of the media outlet is pushed and encouraged by its ownership group, Blue Equity, headed by Jonathan Blue, whose wife Tracy is managing director of the enterprise and its primary decision-maker.

Once the source of snickers around town for its single-minded coverage of social events, now the paper is likely to cover a much wider scope, including sports and business.  Of course, you’re still likely to be approached by John Harralson if you go to a social event, and your picture will be in the next week’s paper.

“It’s not your grandmother’s Voice, it’s yours,” Fenton said to me Friday, while giving me a tour of the new space at 735 E. Main, in NuLu. The building was abandoned, and the predominantly female staff is thrilled with the new digs. “It’s significantly larger than our previous location,” said Fenton of the nearly 4,000 square foot space. As I was visiting, a new conference table was being installed, something Fenton said was a big improvement.

The new space is  next door to Bittner’s, which supplied the furnishings and is still working on the space. Most of the staff at the paper began working in the new space the first week of the year.  The offices moved from inside a bank building in St. Matthews.