THE WEEK – Getting Past the Post-Derby Blues with News

It took me until about Tuesday to feel normal again after an action-packed, fun-filled Derby Week. How about you? At least the good weather has continued, and the news hasn’t been all bad:

Boilermakers on Tap:  Word leaked out Thursday that the U of L football Cardinals will open the 2017 season in Indianapolis against Big Ten power Purdue. Seems like the Cards are having trouble getting big-time schools to come to Papa John’s. (WDRB)

It Must Be a Tough Place to Work: Another week, another communications staffer leaves JCPS. Helene Kramer is out at JCPS. Donna Hargens said she won’t renew Kramer’s contract as Communications Director, a post she’s held less than a year. (C-J)

Leaping to a Pay Cut: Hargens announced a plan this week that will save the district $600K. It involves not paying year-round employees for extra days in leap years. Union officials complained it’s a pay cut, but it sure sounds like a great way to save money. (C-J)

Comer Goes Off: Every insider in Kentucky knew that Ag Commish James Comer had a huge skeleton in his closet.  That door opened Tuesday, just weeks before the GOP Primary for Governor. Marilyn Thomas, now a New York-based film producer, sent a 4-page letter to the C-J detailing allegations of abuse and an abortion during her romantic relationship with Comer 20+ years ago at WKU. Comer denied it all, lashed out at Hal Heiner and threatened to sue the C-J. Thomas challenged Comer to take a lie detector test. (C-J, Joe Gerth video)

Yes, Elvis Was Here: But the Colonial Gardens building in the South End is falling apart, and a city codes enforcer wrote up the owner — who happens to be the city, because the place is a “public nuisance.” (C-J)

ReSurfaced ReDone: If it first you succeed, as did the ReSurfaced project downtown last year, then you should try, try it again. Fun times downtown this summer. (

Ex-UK QB Heads Family of the Year: Check out Andre Woodson’s story on this week’s Rusty Satellite Show and this Insider Louisville piece about the March of Dimes Walk for Babies, which takes place Saturday at Waterfront Park.

I’ll Have a Chai Tea and a Cool Story: Sam and Amy Patel like to tell the story of magic things happening after sipping Chai Tea Latte under a Banyan Tree in India. Now they’ve bottled the secret syrup and put it in stores. We talk about it on Rusty Satellite’s first video.

Potatoes from Jackie
Potatoes from Jackie

Drug Tests at Trinity: The Catholic high school announced it will start randomly testing students for drugs, including marijuana. Get caught, and you face school officials with your parents. And get caught twice, you’re out. School officials believe it will keep the boys away from drugs, but some parents object. (Insider)

Jackie’s City Garden: Please check out Jackie Hollenkamp Bentley’s ongoing gardening series here on You might learn something.