THE WEEK: Let me Tell You About My Golf Score, and More

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THE WEEK is, well, late this week. Sorry about that. On Thursday, when I usually put it together, I was hosting a special dinner for my son Nick (an ex-Rusty guest who is leaving to study Theatre in Italy) and my son Josh (who turned 24 Friday). Check out my account of our hiking trip to Red River Gorge on

Nick, Josh, Luke, Dad.
Nick, Josh, Luke, Dad.

If you’re like me, you hate it when people come up and think you’ll be interested in how their round of golf went. So with apologies in advance, the other reason THE WEEK didn’t happen on time was that my pal Mark Hebert invited me to spend the afternoon on the links at South Park Country Club, where I experienced the best round of my life with an 82. For a hole by hole account, give me a call.

Now, here’s what I noticed going on in my hometown this week:

Bevin is Convincing: On Friday, Matt Bevin spoke to a friendly audience at the Olmsted, hosted by GLI. I realize that I’ve been quite critical of him here, but in person Bevin is an effective speaker who makes his ideas make sense. He may be right that pushing for action on casino gambling is a non-starter, or that a simple change could eliminate this whole controversy on same-sex marriage, and that funding pensions is the state’s most important fiscal concern. For the small number of Kentuckians who seriously considered both Bevin and Conway in this fall’s election, it may be a tough decision.

Oh, Look! We made People AND the New York Times: And not in a good way. Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis defied a federal judge’s order to do her job, again. Word is U.S. District Judge David Bunning could put her in prison, or suspend her. He should. (People)

LesWatersWhat Les Waters Did This Summer: Here’s nice piece in LEO about one of Louisville’s most interesting folks.

Yet Another Ex-TV Anchor Lands In P.R.: Last week, I told you about Joe Arnold’s new job as a spokesman for the Kentucky Association of Electrical Cooperatives. Now former WHAS-TV anchor Andy Treinen, who quit TV in May, has been named Director of Marketing for the Frazier Museum.

Bruce Corwin, Linda Ruffenach
Bruce Corwin, Linda Ruffenach

Rusty Mixes with Bourbon: If you’re reading this Saturday, you can still go to the 2nd Annual Bourbon Mixer downtown tonight. You’ll meet Linda Ruffenach, chief of the Whisky Chicks, and the Bourbon Brotherhood’s Bruce Corwin, who put it all together, complete with lots of choices when it comes to Bourbon. Listen to them explain on Rusty.

If you know what LPN stands for: You should check out the Snelling Staffing Job of the Week. It’s a great opportunity for the right person.

How’s that Journalism Thing Going at WDRB?: Two years later, Chris Otts and the other journalists that WDRB-TV hired away from the Courier-Journal are breaking news and getting it done. Listen to Chris on Rusty’s show this week.

Methane’s Dangers Overrated: Residents of West Louisville convinced Seed Capital Kentucky, developers of the Food Port there, to cancel plans for a Nature’s Methane operation. Ex-Rusty guest Caroline Heine made the announcement this week, but it looks like the company has targeted another West End location, so the fight ensues.

More Movies From Here: Gill Holland, Soozie Eastman and Stu Pollard, all ex-Rusty guests, are part of the 17-member Louisville Film Commission, which will get support from local government in persuading filmmakers to come to the ‘Ville to make moves.