THE WEEK: Oh NO, Snow in LouisvilleKY

OK, so it is actually snowing. I was out driving this morning, and up until about 9:30, I was thinking our local meteorologists/fear mongers had missed it again. But then the snow started, as advertised, though I’m not convince it’s something that warrants all the closings, etc. I was listening to John Timmons on WFPK, whose approach I wish others in the media would follow. Basically, he said, “It’s snowing in Louisville, and depending on which forecasts you believe, we might get 1-3 inches or 4-8 inches. Plan accordingly.”

I was especially disappointed in the decision-makers at JCPS, who called off school Thursday despite moderate temps and clear roads almost everywhere. Their logic seems to be that if a single child would have to step on a snowflake to get to a bus, then EVERYBODY in the system should get the day off.

Even at Noon breathless TV types are standing out in the snow telling you to stay home, even though I just heard “we’ve seen no problems, heard about no problems.”

So we’ve got a few days inside, a good time to binge-watch Making a Murderer on Netflix, which will most certainly make you question the motives of certain law enforcement types and the intelligence of anyone living in rural Wisconsin.

Around here — some big news:

GillHolland copyLook who’s running for Metro Council: On this week’s Rusty Satellite Show, I talk with Stephen Reily, a candidate for Tom Owen’s old seat in the Highlands. It’s a crowded race. But the big news is the entrance of all-around entrepreneur and community booster Gill Holland, who will seek to replace the retiring Kelly Downard. If both these guys win, it’ll be harder to criticize the Council for doing so many dumb things. Well, if they’re on board, perhaps there won’t be so many dumb ideas making it to agendas.

Dumb Things?: Dan Johnson is running for State Representative, testing the wisdom of voters in District 38, many of whom have continually elected Johnson to local office since the 1990s. Johnson’s sordid past includes many questionable practices, such as getting in debt to Gus Goldsmith and once suggesting the solution to the local gas price problem was to have a moratorium on new gas station construction.

The New Prez: David Yates, the South End Councilman who replaced one really intelligence-challenged member, Doug Hawkins (remember the bomb shelter debacle?) — finished up making committee assignments for 2016. I’m trying to get Yates on the Rusty show next week.

And now, Hal Heiner:  Last night, Hal Heiner (another former MCer) was the featured speaker at the Jeffersontown Chamber’s Annual Meeting. I wasn’t able to stay for his whole speech, but his basic message was that Governor Bevin has surrounded himself with a lot of smart folks who won’t be corrupt, which is a good thing. Heiner is Education Commissioner in the new state government.

Jeremy Johnson, owner of Meta
Jeremy Johnson, owner of Meta

I Meta This Guy: The fun of doing the Rusty Satellite Show is meeting folks like Jeremy Johnson, the former rock star who now operates the Meta bar in a former strip club on Chestnut Street. Listen to the interview, and join me at this event next week.

Rusty Alum Updates: Congratulations to Angie Fenton and Jason Applegate. Their long-anticipated daughter Olive entered the world this week. You can see the first story by WDRB’s newest reporter, Katie George, here. Funny guy Terry Meiners is celebrating his birthday today. 502 Restaurant Week, which Belinda Gates discussed on Rusty, got some national pub.