THE WEEK: Riding On with the GOP Squabble, the Kingdom’s Reign, Wicked Operator and a Tremendous Headline

It’s been a pretty good week, so I’m writing this update while biking to work. OK, while wishing I was biking somewhere other than work. We’ve got some media moves, dirty politics and fun events this week. The highlights:

Ziegler Returns: If anyone missed him, controversial talk show host John Ziegler is back on local airwaves. Though its only once a week. The dude is, well, entertaining. WHAS is also bringing back Mandy Connell, so we’ll see how that goes. (LEO Weekly)

But Lach, and SportsTalk, is Gone: Lachlan McLean and SportsTalk 84 on WHAS is in the history books. Lach got a nice media send-off, and WAVE-3 did a piece with Lach and predecessors Van Vance and Tony Cruise.

Thrill is On: Ed Hart has everything going according to plan at Kentucky Kingdom, as he told an audience at Business First’s What’s Brewing Breakfast this week. There’s a bunch of new rides, and Hart is now marketing to Nashville and Indy.  Is he really smarter than the rest of us? (

RS97AlliTruttmanWicked Woman, Wicked Sheets: If you don’t know about the entrepreneurial adventure that is Louisville’s own Wicked Sheets, tune in to this week’s Rusty Satellite Show.

But Can He Sing?  Wednesday night, I went to Great American Ballpark in Cincy and saw Raisel Iglesias nearly no-hit the Braves.  The rookie, just recalled from the Bats, threw his gem before a sparse crowd of about 17,000, which is how we got seats on the 3rd row. Hint: StubHub. Former Bats Todd Frazier (HR), Billy Hamilton (Triple) and Zack Cozart (Double) led the Reds offense.

7 Years, $52 Million. That’s the amount in UK coach John Calipari’s contract extension. And he didn’t even win the Tournament. He’ll be the highest paid coach in the country when he gets to $8 million a year. (USA Today)

The Gloves Come Off: With less than a week before their primary (which will likely draw less than 10 percent of Kentucky Republicans to the polls), Hal Heiner, James Comer and Matt Bevin are pointing fingers at each other. Dirty politics? Yes. Did Comer sexually abuse his college girlfriend? Whether he did or not, will it cost him the election? Here’s Heiner’s latest volley.

Swingers at French Lick – I just love saying French Lick, sort of like going to Big Bone Lick in Kentucky. The best senior golfers in the PGA are at French Lick this weekend, including Kentucky’s Russ Cochran, my favorite lefty.

You Can Get Arrested for This: It looks like Tom Mabe nearly pranked himself into jail, impersonating a copy at Mid-City Mall and at 28th and Broadway. But it was funny.

8. Memphis. 9. Louisville. 10. Houston: Time Magazine reports Louisville’s music scene is among its Top Ten. Nashville, of course, is first. I’m not sure how we got ahead of Chicago (Time)

Ramsey Lessons: This week, Dr. James Ramsey learned that the media will definitely report details of multi-million dollar compensation packages you designate for yourself and your staff, that your Trustees will question your integrity, and throwing a public fit will only make it worse. (Insider Louisville).

So, It’s OK to Deal Drugs in the Frat House: A judge ruled that cops can’t walk in a frat house unannounced and start arresting people, even if the door is unlocked. (C-J)

Thanks this week for all the assistance on the site to Jackie Bentley for posting our news items. Catch all the week’s news at

And Finally, One of the Best Headlines of All Time, From the C-J: Huge Increase in Louisvillians Getting Drunk.

Go tie one on this weekend!