THE WEEK: Scandal in Louisville KY, and Then the Good News

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Scandal Update: It looks like Olivia Pope and the President will. . . On, not that scandal. Around here, the big news was Tuesday’s all-day Card-bashing fest on ESPN. The network interviewed Katina Powell, who has retained local attorney Larry Wilder, and let Powell expose evidence that she was operating a brothel of sorts at Minardi Hall. ESPN said it had five former players and recruits to corroborate the story, and a money trail directly from Andre McGee to Powell.

My TAKE: Believe me, everyone has an opinion. Mine is that the school won’t soon recover in the eyes of many fans, and the rep for Louisville athletics will be tied to sex scandals for a long time.

Pitino’s Post: On Thursday, Rick Pitino took to his own media to get his story out: “I will not resign and let you down.” he wrote here.  While the ongoing question on talk radio concerns what level of scandal Pitino knew about, he’s caught in a quandary because if he didn’t know about prostitutes at Minardi Hall, he should have. But Rick says he’s not quitting, and Tom Jurich won’t fire him.

Absurdity in Media: I was amazed how nearly every local media outlet jumped on a bogus story about a student filing a lawsuit against Katina Powell. Talk radio heads even got the lawyer on the air. One smart guy, Jon Fleischaker said the suit was meritless and was “a silly lawsuit.”

Snelling’s Job of the Week: If you need a job, try Snelling Staffing at 502-814-9800. This week’s featured job is for licensed health insurance agents as open enrollment season start.

Tony Palombino

Hot Chicken is No Fad: According to Tony Palombino, whose newest concept Joella’s on Frankfort Avenue is playing to record crowds.  I also learned what boombozz means in Italian. Tune in to Rusty Satellite for more.

Bardstown BooFest: First chance for the kids to wear those Halloween costumes is on Bardstown Road Saturday. I will be a skeleton this year.

The New Louisville Visual Art Digs in Portland: An anonymous donor gave the Association, formerly housed at the Water Tower, this fantastic huge building in Portland. Plan now to attend Open Studio event there, and here from Marti Kuehn about it on Rusty Satellite.

Louisville Flavor in New York City: That was chef Anthony Lamas, an ex-Rusty Satellite Show guest, on the Food Network this week competing with Bobby Flay.

Daniel Murphy's slugger.
Daniel Murphy’s slugger.

Louisville to New York, Baseball Edition: Sorry, Cubs fans, but the Mets made the World Series. And Met hero Daniel Murphy is a Louisville Slugger guy, along with several of this teammates.  They’re making special bats for the Series today at the Slugger plant.

Oh, Yeah, a Football Game: The Cards host Boston College at 12:30 on Saturday. The Cards are a 7 1/2 point favorite to improve to 3-4 on the season. It’s Homecoming, and it’s gonna rain. The one I’m looking forward to is WKU at LSU. The Toppers are a 16 1/2 point underdog, but I think they’ll score some points down there. UK is an 11-point underdog at Mississippi State.

No Nonsense at Noodles
No Nonsense at Noodles

Noodle-ing Food: I met Brock Spencer, the G.M. for Noodles and Company, when he catered Josh’s wedding a few weeks back. We went for dinner there last night, and the Pad Thai was awesome. Brock’s a great host.