The Weekend: Games Played and Why I Pull Against UK

The Weekend – 10/23-24, 2014


Journal Entry #12 So I’m gonna morph the weekend to 1 day here. This weekend a new game came out called Civilization Beyond Earth, a strategy game. So I played that with my friends most of the weekend. I also had work and a bunch of homework but that’s the normal. I love weekends but mine are usually not that interesting which makes this kinda hard. I am enjoying my game quite a bit I was super excited for it that I got it right at midnight when it was released.


I love weekends, too, and especially when they’re filled with golf, football and parties. I walked 18 with my friend Mark at Long Run Saturday morning, then watched UK’s game with Mississippi State at a party with Paula’s work friends at a spacious home in Glenmary. On Sunday, Paula and I spent the beautiful afternoon on a golf course in Shelbyville.

A beauty
A beauty

At the party, there was a discussion about the UK football program. I was having a hard time cheering for UK, not because of any UK-U of L thing. I finally figured it out. I like what Coach Mark Stoops is doing in turning around the program. I like their style of play and the young players he’s bringing along. I like the school. What I figured out was that I just can’t get with the fan-dom around UK. I don’t want hear their obnoxious fan base on the radio and in social media next week gloating about how great they are, so I end up pulling against them. Same thing with basketball. So that’s it.

If you listened to last week’s Rusty Satellite Show, you heard about the new app at Buckhead’s. I used it Sunday night to pay my bill. Our waitress seemed confused when I presented my phone, and at first started to walk off with it to the kitchen. Whoa, I said. Tish told me you should scan it at the table. She came back a few minutes later, and Paula found it amusing when I said “Your facial expressions are very entertaining,” as she completed the transaction.