There Will Be Magic and More on Main Saturday

Saturday night’s grand opening of Whiskey Row Lofts should be something special. Or should I say magic.

From the release:

“…an exclusive look at one of our city’s hottest properties that includes five restaurants, 35 residential apartments and live-work units and four unique special event spaces including a 100-seat theater and a penthouse suite with terrace views of the Arena plaza and Ohio River. What’s more, Valle Jones and her brother, Stephen, are bringing in world renowned, Las Vegas headliner Mac King, hailed by many as the premiere comedy magician in the world today. Mac will headline two performances in the renovated theater as a tribute to Valle and Stephen’s father, Larry Jones, who originally opened the theater and performed his own act there.

If you haven’t heard of Louisville native Mac King, you haven’t been to Vegas, where he performs regularly at Harrah’s. He’s doing two private shows (sorry, tickets are sold out) but you can still get $60 tickets to the main event, which will feature food and drink and a tour of the whole place. You’ll learn about the amazing history of magic shows on Main, and plenty more.

I was in the Troll Pub earlier this weekend, and it’s a cool new nightspot for the city. Let’s hope it makes it.

Proceeds of Saturday’s event go to a worthy cause, Maryhurst.