Third Thursday Fun

I attended my first The Voice-Tribune Third Thursday event held at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Good crowd, so much so that they ran out of gift bags long before all the people arrived and I was being asked by “inquiring minds” where I got my bag. I look into my bag and discover a box of Muth’s candies. I eat one.

I laugh as I think of the bag – when I was at the bar getting a libation, my bag was on my arm and went just up under the bar. When I backed away I noticed green gum attached and stretching from bag to underbar. I laughed. It reminded me of my childhood days of looking at the bottom side of the counters at Ehler’s Dairy. Anyone else remember the plethora of colored gum wads?

A man who is an “about town guy” I see out and about took me into his crowd and flirted with me. A woman came over observing that I was dancing while he talked. Yes, when there is music, my body tends to move, conversation or not. I then danced and twirled her a few times and then returned to the conversation without missing a beat (pun intended).

The less than six degrees of separation experience was meeting a man who is recently divorced from an aquaintance of mine. He seems to be in the early stages and little bitter. I listened for a bit and then I encouraged him to hold himself and his former wife in the highest regard.

Time to move away from that conversation.

Time for another piece of candy. I choose the white one.

One of the many interesting and friendly people I met was a man who described himself as any Army Brat from LA. When asked where his favorite place to live had been he responded Panama, the north side of the canal on the Atlantic coast.

He now lives in Old Louisville, works for a software company out of Belgravia Yugoslavia and is studying Philosophy at Bellarmine and looking at Law School.

I was all excited to discuss philosophy as I am deep into the BodyTalk philosophy regarding Time, Separation, Guilt/Fear and Individuation. And he was very interested in having the philosophical conversation. FUN!

When I asked what he was exploring right then I was disappointed. I can’t remember what he said specifically, I just remember it felt very pedestrian.

I had had this idea that if someone was studying philosophy in school it would have been so much deeper than the consciousness work I am doing. I am pleased to find another affirmation that the work and philosophy of BodyTalk is right on.

An artist acquaintance was also present, lending his broad smile and stories. Specifically he shared how sounds influence his art as well as his process of designing costumes. We moved topics so fast I wasn’t able to offer information about Sound Healing that I have been deep in and writing about here at

Time for the third chocolate. Oh no! It fell from my hands to the floor! I had to pick it up so it wouldn’t get squished in the carpet – and the temptation to eat it was there – it looked good, five seconds had barely passed – was anyone looking? I stopped myself. I left it on the table and walked away while putting the last chocolate in my mouth. I was saved by the last chocolate!

…free chocolates, appetizers, music and conversations ranging from a man’s choosing celibacy, to how Time, Space and Separation don’t exist… All in all, a nice evening with many gracious and kind characters!

Thank you The Voice-Tribune for being a fabulous host.

Mollie Yunker
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Let the Healing Begin!

© Copyright, Mollie Yunker, 2011