This Changes Everything in State Politics

The map of the state's House Districts, today

News, of course, is the reporting of changes in the world. And in our world, yesterday’s ruling in Frankfort was big news for anyone running for the House or Senate in Kentucky.

When the politicians in charge in Frankfort re-drew district boundaries, they did so with such a partisan attitude that they lost sight of the goals of fair representation for citizens.  And when the losers (House Republicans, mainly) filed a lawsuit protesting the partisan nature of the changes, a judge agreed. The parties in charge was simply too greedy.  And the judge, as of yesterday, had the power to set everything back to the way it was before.

Meaning, of course, that unless the judge is overruled, that some incumbent candidates who had seen their own residences written out of their districts can come back in, and others who had seized on what seemed like an opportunity to capture a vacant seat.

The story’s not over. Insiders tell me that there’s plenty of movement afoot in Frankfort – some trying to preserve the Judge’s ruling to revert back to the old boundaries, others trying to come up with a new version more palatable to the judge.

And there’s more at stake than just who can run for which seats — the legislature is pretty much on hold awaiting an outcome. I’m sure we’ll have one soon.