This Is Getting Good–(Well The Gossip Is)

We’re still a few months away from the May Primary and already the juicy stories have begun to emerge in the Governor’s race. Between presumptive GOP nominee David Williams’ reported gambling losses several years ago, and now the divorce of his running mate Richie Farmer, this is turning into a regular Jerry Springer Show on wheels.

To be fair, Williams’ losses were revealed in his own divorce action from his first marriage, and are public record. So, you may ask, what is the issue? Well, none really, unless you recall that it has been largely through Williams efforts that Governor Steve Beshear’s expanded gaming proposals have been continually stymied in the Kentucky General Assembly. Some see that as hypocritical from Williams, but the Senate President from Burkesville claims he’s seen the error of his ways and has not set foot in a casino for several years. One thing to note. In order for those losses to appear on those documents, Williams had to WIN at least that much according to law. So he’s pretty familiar with the croupiers at those casinos he frequented. Now Williams is refusing to release his tax returns. Personally, I have no problem with this, but that old word hypocrite keeps popping up. Seems that long ago when he managed an unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign, he demanded the opponent release HIS returns. Can’t have it both ways Mr. President. Remember–he’s running for Governor.

As for Farmer’s divorce. Normally, I wouldn’t care a bit, but it’s pretty interesting to hear some of the allegations from his estranged wife. She claims in her action, that she has virtually no income other than 1100 a month salary as a teacher’s aide. She further claims the Ag Commish keeps such a tight grasp on the family finances, she has nothing for herself. Farmer in his response says the allegations are not true, and that he does not think the marriage has to end. Now, I like Farmer-I’m not a Wildcat hoops fan so chalk it up to him being a nice guy. I’ve got a bit of history there. On the day Cawood Ledford passed away, I was assigned to get reaction from former UK basketball stars. I made a few calls, and got some sound, then called Richie’s home in Manchester. He was affable enough, but when I asked about his reaction to Cawood’s passing, he was silent. It was then that I realized he had not heard the news until I called, but to his eternal credit, he graciously gave me a quick interview. I apologized profusely, and spent the rest of the day cussing out my Assignment Desk under my breath. I later apologized in person, and he brushed it off-again begin incredibly gracious. All of that aside, the divorce action coming in the midst of the primary race is amazingly bad timing. As if The ‘stache’s week wasn’t going badly enough, it was revealed this week that he alone among Kentucky elected officials was not taking furlough days to save money. His spokesman says Farmer doesn’t agree with furloughs and won’t take one. Now, technically elected officials don’t have to take furloughs-so Farmer is right about that. but with all the lousy press the Williams/farmer effort is getting this week, isn’t it time he takes one for the team and does the right thing?