This is Not a Joke, Seriously

The Metro Messenger published two issues

It’s really hot out there. It’s so hot, websites featuring jokes about the heat are overrun with visits. In offices, people are sharing jokes about fire hydrants chasing dogs, steaks cooking on dashboards and a southern Indiana man beating his wife to death with a rock. Except that last one’s not a joke — it actually happened.  What’s wrong with these people?

Me and Joe: This afternoon I’ll be beating the heat by talking about some local issues in the air-conditioned offices of WGTK-AM 970, as a guest on Joe Elliott’s show at 1. Please tune in, and call us.

Merry Pranksters: Speaking of heat and jokes, it’s a good idea to log out of your Facebook page when you leave the office. You never know when some prankster will hijack your page and start putting up status updates declaring your love of Angelina Jolie and bragging about your new Justin Bieber tattoo. Just ask Lynda Lambert, the morning show c0-host on 102.3 FM.

Traffic Tied Up: I hear that the local Clear Channel stations are now importing traffic reports from Cincinnati, as someone told me yesterday there was  a report on WHAS declaring that “I-75 (oops!) through Louisville is running very slow.” There was also a slip when Crums Lane was pronounced Crumslane Avenue, which is apparently a Cincy road. All to cut a few more names off the local payroll.

Bad Guy Tries Newspaper Business: It’s pretty easy to get into the media biz, if you ask a guy named David Rose. The 28-year-old started up a relationship with a woman he convinced to invest her life savings, then secured media credentials to get into the Derby and other events and told everyone he was going to take over the local news business and put the Courier-Journal out of business. So he published two issues of the Metro Messenger, rented two office suites and then fled town to escape some pesky felony charges. The girlfriend is suing, if she can ever find him.

How to Boost Tourism: The Kentucky State Park system is now serving beer, wine and mixed drinks in an effort to bring more people to the parks, but only in the five that are located in counties that don’t have antiquated “dry” status. Maybe we ought to put some casinos, or strip bars, in there.

Al’s Fancy: Check out Al Mayo’s take on this weekend’s Fancy Farm picnic in western Kentucky, and how far behind David Williams is in his race with Steve Beshear. This means, of course, that Williams is likely to bring out his inner bully.