This Is Not Going to End Well, Louisville

I’m a little groggy this morning after staying up half the night watching some tremendous baseball. Wow. My Braves stunk it up, completing one of baseball’s most memorable chokes by losing in 13 to the Phillies. The Cardinals, 8-0 winners over the Astros, are in the playoffs. Not to be outdone by the Braves in the choking department, the Red Sox blew a lead to the Orioles while the Rays came back from a 7-0 deficit to the Yankees. In terms of TV viewing, it was quite dramatic as the Orioles winning run scored moments before the Rays’ Evan Longoria’s game-winning homer.  So there will be no 1-game playoffs. On with it, and I don’t need to watch any more baseball.

LEO's Joe Sonka on MSNBC

Shoulda Watched Rachel: LEO’s Joe Sonka was a great guest on Rachel Maddow’s show last night, giving the business to Rand Paul.  And another guest on the show was my literary hero Carl Hiassen, talking about how screwed up  the Florida state government, and by that I mean new GOP Guv Rick Scott, is for wanting to drug test welfare recipients.  Hiaasen offerecd to pay for drug tests for all Sunshine State legislators.

Greedy Docs: Just read the lede: Doctors at the University of Louisville medical school used about $4.8 million in state Medicaid funds to pay themselves “financial bonuses” — money that was supposed to be used for indigent care, state Sen. Tim Shaughnessy says.

It’s going to be really hard for the U of L doctors involved to wiggle out of this one. The C-J story this morning has school officials scrambling to come up with a reasonable excuse, other than they thought they could get away with it. This will not end well for U of L doctors.

It’s National Coffee Day!  So Thornton’s is giving the java away. FREE. Seriously. Until 2.

What Would you Do for $13 an Hour: GE should hold some sort of crazy contest for the 6,000 people who got up and applied for jobs at 6:30 a.m. yesterday. A reality show of some sort. How else to sort out the 6,000 applicants to select 480 people who will be hired for jobs that pay about $27K a year.

Kids on the Bus: It doesn’t matter that David Williams’ ideas for reforming JCPS transportation are about as far-fetched as his chance to win the governors’ race, the new commercial from Restoring America group is eye-catching. It shows kids on school buses sleeping, at night, to illustrate Williams’ contention that he could eliminate long bus rides for students. He can ‘t. And Beshear is outspending him by a wide margin.

We’ll Give you LIFF: Somebody’s going to win a pass to the Louisville International Film Festival next weekend from us. Sign up.