This Town’s Full of Losers, and a Winner

I Love LEO’s Losers: Read the cover story in LEO this week and crack up over the 2011 stories of prominent people doing stupid stuff. They pick on every politician around (well, not John Yarmuth) along with soon-to-be-forgotten failures like Museum Plaza, the Zeppelin Cafe, 732 Social and the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church.  The local media did not go unscathed. Eric Flack’s troubleshooting, Lindsay Allen’s loose lips, Jackie Gulbe’s doggy suitcase and Stu Pollard’s music videos come in for criticism. And then there’s Todd Blue. And Judy Green. And Richie Farmer. It’s a whole lotta losers. (LEO)

Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes, Winner: The Voice-Tribune’s Ashley Anderson recently interviewed Ben Rhodes, the 14-year-old high school student who aspires to be a NASCAR driver. Her story showcases how dedicated Ben, and his family, are to seeing him succeed. Next year, he’ll be running the #9 Ford Fusion in major competition.

INCOMING! I Get Releases: Shawn Reilly, known by most of you as the “Say NO to Bridge Tolls” guy, is running to replace Tim Shaugnessy in the state Senate. . . Another senior-focused health care company, Trilogy, is getting tax breaks and expanding its Louisville headquarters, adding 50 jobs and $3 million in payroll. . .A “religious liberty watchdog group” called Americans United has sent a letter to Gov. Beshear asking him to oppose the big U of L Hospital merger. . . Metro Parks is offering a book of discounts for lessons and driving range tokens for $25.

A Memorable First: Will former LEO editor Stephen George be as good at making up quotes for Rep. John Yarmuth as he was actually reporting what people said in interviews? Today we got his first, on Yarmuth’s decision to vote against the National Defense Authorization Act:  “This bill tramples the basic Constitutional rights of Americans, and it diminishes our reputation in the world,” Congressman Yarmuth said. “Opening the door to indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without due process is extraordinarily dangerous. This bill codifies a bad policy into law and offers the President far too much authority.”  Pretty good, Stephen.

The Case of the Disappearing Radio Station: Anybody know what happened to 104.3 The Beat, a radio station in Clarksville?A tipster tells me it’s off the air.

Library Books Online: I’m a big user of the public library, and tested the new system for downloading books yesterday. It’s not easy, but I finally got a few books to my iPhone.  The selection’s not great, and you have to sign up for an Adobe account, but if you have the patience to go through all that, you’ll be reading away on your digital device.

A Craze to Hate: Yes, there’s a web site with picture of all kinds of people Tebowing. I hate that guy.

THANKS: To the nice folks at the Jeffersontown Chamber for hosting their annual holiday party last night at the Holiday Inn-Hurstbourne.  Tonight’s big event is the Voice-Tribune’s Third Thursday bash at the Marriott Downtown.