Three of Against the Grain’s spaces are shed, shuttered or refitted

Three of Against the Grain’s spaces are shed, shuttered or refitted
The Fall 2022 issue of Food & Dining Magazine (#75) is now available in all the familiar places: Louisville area eateries and food shops, newsstands and online. Go here for a preview of the features, profiles and columns, with links to the new edition at issuu. 

The precise order of Against the Grain’s recent reordering doesn’t really matter, but it goes something like this:

  • August: The Flamingo Lounge (downstairs at 119 S. 7th St.) became private event space.
  • September: ATG Sandwich Emporium (upstairs at 119 S. 7th St.) closed to the public, albeit with its bill of fare still available via catering.
  • September: The Whirling Tiger (1335 Story Ave.) closed, period.

As for the September announcements, the Sandwich Emporium’s post at Instagram offered an explanation for the shift.

To our beloved customers, we have decided to permanently close the doors of the Sandwich Emporium. Our delicious sandos will still be available through our catering site. Business downtown has slowed and we are being proactive in managing this challenging environment. Thank you for your support!

In like fashion, The Whirling Tiger took to Facebook:

Well, we tried our hardest and put our best foot forward. Unfortunately, The Whirling Tiger is closing...Read more