‘Tis the Season of Bad Behavior

Why is it, now that we’re in the Christmas season, people are amping up the hate? From the Department of Disgust:

The facial hair doesn't make you cooler, Richie

Proud to be a Kentuckian. . . in 1950: Backwards Kentuckians have made national news again, providing fodder for late-night comedians. Seriously, this sentence from ABC News: Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church voted 9 to 6 on Sunday to ban interracial couples from church services or functions, with the exception of funerals. The church is in Pikeville, a place you don’t want to go. Even to a funeral. Unless you’re a racist. There’s still a place in America to go if you want to find a church that won’t let African-Americans in the door.

Playing with Fire with Chicken:  If you thought it was true, but weren’t sure that Chick-Fil-A management was anti-gay, here’s your proof.  The chicken chain’s charitable arm doesn’t accept gay marriage, though it might sell you a sandwich. But they won’t sell any to me.

Bring Back Boel: Somebody started a Facebook page hoping to bring John Boel back to WLKY. I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Rescue or Hype?: An alert reader noticed that WHAS-TV was reporting on a house fire in Jeffersonville last night. Reporter Mike Columbo told viewers a rescue was going on, but in fact that station’s own story said the place was abandoned. Our alert reader thinks the station was guilty of embellishing the story of a fire that it just happened to be close to.  Maybe he just jumped the gun reporting that a life was in danger.

Richie — The Hits Keep Coming: Please stop, Richie. Now he’s making excuses for hiring his girlfriend, including that the media is to blame for reporting his hiring practices on a “slow news day.” He also hired a friend of his girlfriend, and a buddy from Clay County. And worse, take a look at that new facial hire. Criminal.

Now or Never: On the heels of his 25-point election victory over Senate President David Williams, Gov. Beshear says he’s gonna try to get a gambling bill past Williams and the legislature while the getting is good.  At a speech yesterday, Beshear said, “I think that most folks out there are ready to vote on expanded gaming. That’s obviously one of the big differences between myself and my opponent in the November election. I’m hopeful that folks will say, ‘Look, it’s time.’ Let’s get this behind us, one way or the other.”

You Just Can’t Trust People: U of L athletic department ticket office employee Kerry Johnson admitted in court today to stealing $100K, and got off easy.  No jail time, drug treatment, probation and, of course, paying all the money back. Not likely to happen.