Today is National Chili Dog Day

Today is National Chili Dog Day

As a special occasion, I’ll suspend my usual chain skepticism for a Skyline tout. We all have our exceptions, and this is mine.

For those culinary completists interested in the many ways Americans have found to top hot dogs with chili, there is a page.

What is National Chili Dog Day?

Cheese Coney Hot Dog – In Greater Cincinnati, Coney Islands (without the cheese) or Cheese Coneys are hot dogs in buns that are topped with cheese, mustard, onions, and Cincinnati chili, which is a Greek-inspired meat sauce.

Perhaps more specifically, Macedonians from territories lying in present-day Greece. Kat Kinsman explains.

Where did Cincinnati chili come from?

The history of Cincinnati chili is — like many of the best things in American culture — an immigrant story. According to food historian Dann...Read more