Tom Mabe’s Latest Prank Fools Folks at Seneca Park in Louisville KY

Tom Mabe, Louisville’s clean comedian who made a name for himself with his “Revenge on the Telemarketers” CD, has one of the most popular channels in YouTube.

His videos regularly attract more than 100,00o views, enough to actually make some money on YouTube. And Mabe is in demand speaking to corporate groups who know his brand of clean comedy will amuse, but not offend.

You can hear Mabe talk about his career, how the media has changed and how he’s making it as an entertainer on this week’s episode of the Rusty Satellite ShowRS90TomMabe. Listen in as he tells a few jokes over beers with me at his office.

Meanwhile, here’s his latest prank, for which he went to a toy store and borrowed a remote control in order to fool folks who kept looking for his Invisible Airplane.