Too Much Weekend

I think I’m ready for Monday.

Starting Friday, good friends invited me for a great round of golf at Wildwood Country Club. I won’t go through the round shot by shot here,  but I did have a personal best on the front 9 and a birdie on the back. That night, I took in some blues withthe band “A Little T & A” at Stevie Ray’s before stopping in at Browning’s at Slugger Field for a final brew before they closed for good.

Saturday I was part of the festivities at a book signing at the Crowne Plaza for the new book by Rodney Davidson about the aftermath of the Max Gilpin tragedy. In retrospect, it’s fascinating to see how Gilpin’s 2008 death affected the entire community, and the country, for the matter. I’m reading the book now, and seeing how some of the initial assumptions and media coverage were off the mark. Retired Judge Martin Johnstone and coroner George Nichols, along with the coach, Jason Stinson, spoke at the event, attended mostly by PRP family and friends.

Ben Rhodes

Later, I raced up to Sparta and the Kentucky Speedway, where traffic was light and all I could do was imagine the NASCAR chaos just a week earlier. I was there to see Ben Rhodes, a 14-year-0ld driver who’s tearing up competition wherever he goes. Rhodes races in the Young Lions division, and won his feature race on a smaller track inside the main oval. He’s from the South End, and will be attending Holy Cross High School as a freshman this fall, between races. I’ll be writing more about him soon, but check him out and “Like” this Facebook page.

On Sunday, Victoria and I headed to Molly Malone’s to join a huge crowd watching the U.S. women face Japan in the World Cup soccer final. Now, I don’t know much about soccer, but it seemed to me we had it won, twice, and blew it, to the dismay of a huge TV audience.

I finished the weekend falling asleep to Larry David harassing a woman for not cleaning up her dog’s poop in a new episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

So I’m glad to see Monday, and ready for a big week ahead in news.  Stay tuned.