Tragedies, WAVE and a Rumor

Tragedies just continue to boggle the mind and dominate the news. You can’t help but feel sorry for the unfortunate people who find themselves in front of news cameras for the first time in their lives after a loved one has died. Case in point – Teresa Gilley, the great aunt of the little girl who was allowed to wander into the Ohio River and drown. She wanted someone, like the mother’s boyfriend who was there when it happened, to face charges.  And for some reason she compared the case to Caylee Anthony’s when expressing rage on camera.

Joe Arnold went all in for viewers

WHAS-TV’s Joe Arnold ruined a nice pair of pants giving viewers an idea of what the water was like in the spot where Christina disappeared.


WAVE’s Starting Five in Weather: WAVE-TV becomes the first local station to add a fifth weather watcher to its staff when Lauren Jones comes on board.  Kevin Harned’s blog post introduces Jones, who has been at an Indy station and had a brief stint at WLKY. WAVE is adding a weekend morning newscast this fall. In case you’re keeping track, WLKY and WHAS have 4 weather personalities, and WDRB has 3.

On Your Mobile: WAVE’s also just released a new app for your phone, and it’s a big improvement over that clunky version that’s going to disappear soon. You have to download the new version, which has some nice features. Still, the WDRB app is the most functional among the four stations.

Cool Button: One more WAVE note – all evidence of the Hot Button editorials made popular by departed GM Steve Langford are gone from the WAVE website, so it looks like Bill Lamb at WDRB has cornered the market on TV editorials.

New Animal Man: He’s only 25? Justin Scally has earned the formidable task of turning around the Animal Services department of city government, though the Mayor’s Office had to release the hiring a little before it had planned, thanks to the pesky local media.

Really, You’re worried about Post Offices closing?: If you’re still buying stamps or conducting business at the Post Office, please join us in the 21st century.

Katie Controversy: Remember last week when Judge Katie King lashed out at a woman in her court? Rumors are circulating in City Hall that King’s back to some of her pre-election ways — showing up late and missing weeks of work. She was involved in a car accident in March. And I’m told she’s even brought her dog to court and called for breaks so she could walk the dog. Somebody, you can bet, is keeping track of her actions for a future election.