Trump Loves Louisville KY

Trump Louisville

But does Louisville love Trump?

TRUMP LOUISVILLE, Ky.  Super Tuesday is big. Really big. Each presidential candidate has had this day marked on their calendar for quite some time. Indeed, a whopping 12 states will take part – but Kentucky is not one of those states! However, for some inexplicable reason this is the day that Donald Trump has decided to visit Louisville – Super Tuesday.

If you are a KKK fan you can go see “The Donald” at Kentucky International Convention Center. Whether  you are a supporter or, as what appears to be the majority in Louisville KY, a protester you can take over 4th Street Live! Tuesday afternoon for the Trump Louisville rally.

Social media is playing a big part in this presidential race and Tuesday’s event is no exception.  Indeed a Facebook campaign sprung up over the weekend and already there are 500 confirmed people. The premise of the campaign, according to their Facebook site is to empty the seats. In essence they plan on reserving seats and then not turning up.

To apply for the free tickets to attend the Donald Trump Louisville rally at 4 p.m. at the Kentucky International Convention Center on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, CLICK HERE.