Turn Lemons into Lemonade


Why does it always take negativity to shine a light on something that is inherently positive? It’s funny how that works. Most public relations people will tell you there’s no bad publicity. I would agree with that if the P.R. people can spin it correctly. Clearly The Fund for The Arts needs a pr person to step up and help them out. The recent public outrage involving unprofessional answering machine messages left by Allen Cowan at The Fund for The Arts, has shed some public light on the power The Fund for The Arts have in this community.

I would like to turn the spotlight on an emerging, grass roots group called Fund for The Visual Arts. This group started by artists and art advocates in the community have long recognized a disconnect between the Fund for The Arts and the visual arts community.  The Fund for The Arts has over the years provided millions of deserving dollars to a limited amount of organizations in Louisville. But many small, non-profit arts organizations and individual artists don’t receive monetary benefit from this mighty fund. During the past year the Fund for The Visual Arts has begun to gain momentum and under the current leadership of Craig Kaviar, Kaviar Gallery owner is taking off.

The Fund for The Visual Arts has had a fundraiser and established a growing Facebook presence (Louisville Fund for The Visual Arts). In lieu of the recent criticisms of the leadership at The Fund for The Arts they will be gathering in front of the offices of the Fund for The Arts, 623 West Main Street at 4:30 on Friday, March 11. Craig Kaviar says on the FB page “Many people in the art community and their supporters feel it’s time for a demonstration insisting that the Fund for the Arts pursue new leadership”. They ask everyone to bring creative signs which shouldn’t be a problem for this group. All concerned are welcome.

I am hopeful the demonstration will make a difference at The Fund for the Arts but more importantly I hope it will bring a new level of exposure to The Fund for The Visual Arts. This group deserves support from all art patrons in this community.