UConn Win Good for Louisville?

I was glad to be bowling at Ten Pin Lanes last night rather than watching that brick-fest between Connecticut and Butler. I was pulling for the Bulldogs, though it set up something positive for U of L fans to discuss until October. The Cards’ record against the champion Huskies (2-1) vs. UK’s (0-2). And U of L beat Butler.

Then there’s the fact that for all the heat the Big East took as 10 of its 11 NCAA Tournament teams got beat, the only team standing at the end was the 9th best team in the league. expect those arguments to be made on talk radio for the next 6 months.

Richie talks funny

In other news . . .

Cheat to Win: Please check out Gabe Duverge’s excellent take on the mini-scandal over cheating on science fair projects at Manual High School.  Gabe knows what’s going on from his own experience and writes about the pressure to succeed students face.

JCPS Considers a High-Priced Coach:  Five Grand a Day? That’s the price the state education commissioner says JCPS needs to pay for a fancy “coach” to come in and straighten out the school system’s achievement problems. The “hire-a-consultant from out of town” solution is a waste of money and the district should be focused on hiring a new superintendent to make those decisions.

No, Rebecca, it wasn’t the weather or spring break: Merger Task Force chair Rebecca Jackson told the C-J those were the reasons only a few people showed up for her meeting last night. It’s that no one has a clear idea what the group is doing.

Can you Just Say No to Football Tickets?:  CD Kaplan is complaining about the $104 per ticket he’s paying for U of L football tickets next year, which includes games against Murray and Florida International.  Sucker.

War on Sex: Clarksville’s Town Council voted in new regulations the anti-fun bunch over there hopes will help shut down Theatair X, but the new law doesn’t really seem to affect existing business.

Sypher’s Countdown Continues: expect some more desperate attempts to keep Karen Sypher out of prison in the next 24 hours.  I’m finding it harder to believe she will actually show up in Florida on Wednesday. She’s still getting national media attention.

Richie Speaks:  Sorry, I just can’t take any politician who speaks with that much of a hick accent seriously. Watch his CN/2 interview, in which he says “We’ve got to be careful about continyen to borry from the fu-cher to take care of what’s goin on now.”

Hypocrite: A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess. Like Senate president David Williams, the darling of right-wing groups like the Family Foundation.

Moffett’s One-Hit Wonder: Tea Party Republican Phil Moffett’s campaign is the focus of a new song recorded by a Bluegrass band. Listen to it, and you’ll never get back those three minutes of your life. Thanks WFPL.