Visiting Some Zombies and Ghosts in Old Louisville

If you didn’t get around to going on the Victorian Ghost Walk in Old Louisville, you missed a real Halloween treat.

You get to experience realistic portrayals of legendary characters, 22 of them, taking place in trees, sidewalks, back yards and inside the historic mansions of Old Louisville. These actors are portraying characters from the 1800s who died here and supposedly haunt the city, like the amazing Wise Witch, who performs in front of a twisted Maple with the story of a twister that ravaged the neighborhood.

The stories are written by David Domine, the acclaimed local author and ghost expert, with direction by Ronald Lew Harris.

Groups walk from Central Park along and around Fourth to Sixth streets and St. James Court, encountering the actors along the way. The Tour includes stops in a few gorgeous homes, including a bed-and-breakfast. They’re all memorable, but I most clearly recall the Stick Witch,  the child reciting “…the baby’s dead…” and the Hearse Singer and A.V. DuPont.  Here are the few pics we shot along the way:

This is Josephine, encountered in Central Park
The baby's dead, the baby's dead. . .
This guy told us he'd killed his wife
Frightening scene from above