Visiting Tennessee? Here’s What You Need to Know

Tennessee is one of the most visited states in the US for a reason. Famous for both cultural and historical reasons, as well as having a thriving modern shopping and dining scene, Tennessee has appeal for a wide range of people. If you’re looking for somewhere to vacation, or you’re planning a trip that takes you through one of the friendliest states in America, then there are some weird and wonderful things that you need to know first. Tennessee has some glorious quirks, oddities, and spectacular sights. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Ordering some tea

If you order a cup of tea in Tennessee, then don’t expect to get an iced tea! Every restaurant that you go to will have tea on the menu, but it’s sweet tea. This is a much tastier drink that you might expect, and you definitely need to try it while you’re in Tennessee.

Music is everywhere

If you love your music then you’re going to love Tennessee. Nashville should be your priority visit if you’re a music lover, with enough sights and sounds to keep the most avid music aficionado content. Nashville is known as Music City, and it’s not all country music either.

Gatlinburg – something for everyone

From the Smoky Mountains to the skiing, Gatlinburg is not to be missed. You can even rent some fantastic cottages in the surrounding area, making travel much easier. Check for vacation rentals in Gatlinburg and make sure that you spend some time exploring the most popular national park in the country.

Great for Shopping

Tennessee as a whole is brilliant for the people that love a day spoiling themselves with treats. Nashville and Gatlinburg should be near the top of your shopping itinerary. Try out:

  • The Mall at Green Hills – Nashville
    The Village Shops – Gatlinburg
    Hamilton Place – Chattanooga

World famous attractions

If it’s all about ticking items from your bucket list, then Tennessee has you covered. Some of the most famous sights in America are located in Tennessee, and include:

  • Dollywood
    Ripley’s Aquarium
    Gatlinburg Space Needle
    The Parthenon

Alcohol issues

Tennessee Bourbon is one of the best drinks in the world, but no matter how much you like a tipple, you probably won’t be able to buy a drink on a Sunday. If you’re planning on a party, make sure that you stock up on alcohol before 11pm on a Saturday night!

Don’t wear a cowboy hat

The temptation to go all-out and treat yourself to a cowboy hat might be overwhelming, but try and resist. It’s not going to help you blend in! There’s a Tennessee saying that cowboy hats are for “Texans and Tourists,” so keep your headwear a little more modern than a Ten-Gallon if you want to be inconspicuous.

Weather Awareness

Packing for a trip to Tennessee can be stressful. The weather can be very fickle throughout the state, and the sudden switch from torrential downpour to sunny afternoon can be a little jarring! Remember as well, if you travel in the colder months, then you have to be prepared for snow to shut down pretty much everything.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to visit then there are many reasons why Tennessee should be at the top of your list. Make sure that you pack well and have some good quality traveling music, and you’ll arrive ready to rock and roll.