‘Voice Teacher’ on Line Two

The Derby City Film Festival, partnered with the Louisville Jewish Film Festival, are bringing you the documentary film “Voice Teacher.” “Voice Teacher” is about a man who teaches people how to sing –over the phone. Here’s the synopsis:

Don Roberts is a construction worker, only he doesn’t build buildings, he build’s throats. Singers of all stripes regularly attend his studio in Oneonta, NY, but rarely in person. Don teaches over the telephone; a bizarre and controversial approach, according to many in the singing world. Day after day, Don teaches voice to world-renowned cantors and up-and-coming opera singers. But to enter this particular studio, pupils must embrace the psyche behind the training. Don will go to great, sometimes outrageous lengths to enforce the doctrine that voice teaching is a sacred, existential journey and not just a random seesaw of back and forth singing.

“Voice Over” will screen on Sunday February 20th at 2:30 PM at the Clifton Center. Both Don Roberts and the director Daniel Mendelson will be in attendance. Full information on all the films and events during the festival is available on the festival website. The festival also includes panels, workshops, and filmmaker Q&A’s, which take place throughout the weekend. Tickets and passes are now on-sale on-line and start at $6.00.

The 2011 Derby City Film Festival runs February 18th – 20th at the Clifton Center in Louisville, Kentucky. More information on the upcoming festival can be found at the festival website: www.derbycityfilmfest.com or by calling the DCFF office at 502-618-3192